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Psychic Focus Spells

Psychic Cantrip Focus Spells

PFS StandardAstral RainHU: You fling a mass of furious thoughts into the air, where they expand into numerous blades or other shapes that rain down.
PFS StandardContagious IdeaHU: Nothing is so contagious as a thought.
PFS StandardDancing BladeHU: You telekinetically animate a weapon that's unattended or on your person.
PFS StandardDistortion LensHU: You create a magical lens that distorts space as best suits you.
PFS StandardEntropic WheelU: You stockpile thermal energy in a magical wheel-like construct that lets you burn opponents with cold or freeze their bodies with heat.
PFS StandardForbidden ThoughtHU: You place a psychic lock in a foe's mind that prevents it from a specific action.
PFS StandardForesee the PathU: You see just a split second into the future and glean how an enemy will move, making it easier for your allies to strike it mid-action.
PFS StandardGhostly ShiftHU: Your body becomes insubstantial as you partially phase out.
PFS StandardGlimpse WeaknessU: You glimpse a loose scale, a seam in a foe's armor, or a similar weakness, aiding your allies in landing a precise hit.
PFS StandardHologram CageHU: You weave light into a cube of vivid and fantastic patterns.
PFS StandardImaginary WeaponHU: You create a simple weapon of force.
PFS StandardOmnidirectional ScanU: You quickly view your surroundings from a variety of angles, your senses constructing an overall mental picture.
PFS StandardRedistribute PotentialHU: Energy attempts to balance out, but with your magic, you can shunt all the energy in one area to another.
PFS StandardShatter MindHU: You telepathically assail the minds of your foes.
PFS StandardTelekinetic RendHU: Your mind creates a violent axis of motion in a nearby space.
PFS StandardTesseract TunnelU: You race from point to point, tearing open a tunnel in space.
PFS StandardThermal StasisHU: The same abilities that let you raise or lower thermal energy also let you keep it at a safe medium.
PFS StandardVector ScreenHU: You set up a transparent, rippling screen of telekinetic energy that seizes small, fast-moving projectiles.