Source Core Rulebook pg. 635 4.0
Vegetable creatures have the plant trait. They are distinct from normal plants. Magical effects with this trait manipulate or conjure plants or plant matter in some way. Those that manipulate plants have no effect in an area with no plants.


Conrasu, Ghoran, Leshy




Animal Nip, Blooming Lotus Seed Pod, Brightbloom Posy, Broadleaf Shield, Dezullon Fountain, Lini's Leafstick, Living Leaf Weave, Rooting, Staff of Nature's Cunning, Tailor's Boll, Therapeutic Snap Peas, Verdant Branch, Wand of Hawthorn


Ambush Bladderwort, Dash of Herbs, Drifting Pollen, Flowering Path, Fresh Produce, Hedge Maze, Orchard's Endurance, Ravel of Thorns, Rouse the Forest's Fury, Sanguivolent Roots, Timber Sentinel, Witchwood Seed, Wood Ward

Focus Spells

Impaling Briars, Nature's Bounty, Ranger's Bramble, Vibrant Thorns


Stinging Nettles


Adult Forest Dragon, Ancient Forest Dragon, Arboreal Archive, Arboreal Reaper, Arboreal Regent, Arboreal Warden, Assassin Vine, Awakened Tree, Blodeuwedd, Bloodlash Bush, Bloom Of Lamashtu, Cactus Leshy, Calathgar, Canopy Elder, Carved Beast, Counteflora, Dezullon, Drainberry Bush, Dryad, Dryad Queen, Elemental Thicket, Fetch Behemoth, Fetch Stalker, Flytrap Leshy, Gathlain Wanderer, Ghoran Manipulator, Giant Flytrap, Glimmervine, Gourd Leshy, Green Man, Harvest Regiment, Kilia Mwibo, Kizidhar, Kizidhar Shuyookh, Leaf Leshy, Living Grove, Lomori Sprout, Mandragora, Moonflower, Moss Sloth, Nursery Crawler, Oppali, Painted Stag, Pine Pangolin, Risen Fetch, Sard, Scythe Tree, Seaweed Leshy, Shambler, Snapdrake, Snapping Flytrap, Stinkweed Shambler, Sunflower Leshy, Ta'apundo, Tendriculos, Twigjack, Twins of Rowan, Vegetable Lamb, Vine Lasher, Vine Leshy, Viper Vine, Wemmuth, Whipping Willow, Wood Scamp, Wood Wisp, Yaiafineti, Yellow Musk Brute, Yellow Musk Creeper, Yellow Musk Thrall, Young Forest Dragon, Zomok


Blight, Garden of Death, Plant Growth


Barkskin, Burning Blossoms, Bursting Bloom, Entangle, Fire Seeds, Flourishing Flora, Life-Draining Roots, Lignify, Lotus Walk, Mantle of the Unwavering Heart, Murderous Vine, Nature's Reprisal, Nettleskin, One with the Land, Petal Storm, Plant Form, Pollen Pods, Protector Tree, Rose's Thorns, Shape Wood, Shillelagh, Soothing Blossoms, Speak with Plants, Take Root, Tanglefoot, Tangling Creepers, Tree Shape, Tree Stride, Verdant Sprout, Wall of Shrubs, Wall of Thorns