Source Core Rulebook pg. 633 4.0
An ability with this trait can take a character completely out of the fight or even kill them, and it’s harder to use on a more powerful character. If a spell has the incapacitation trait, any creature of more than twice the spell’s level treats the result of their check to prevent being incapacitated by the spell as one degree of success better, or the result of any check the spellcaster made to incapacitate them as one degree of success worse. If any other effect has the incapacitation trait, a creature of higher level than the item, creature, or hazard generating the effect gains the same benefits.


Master Strike


Curse of Slumber, Obnubilate Curse


Captivating Score, Curare, Dream Pollen Snare, Dreaming Round, Drover's Band, Gearbinder Oil, Lethargy Poison, Maw of Hungry Shadows, Necrobinding Serum, Spirit-Sealing Fulu, Stupor Poison, Tusk and Fang Chain, Wand of Dumbfounding Doom


Alluring Performance, Breath of Hungry Death, Calaca's Showstopper, Calcifying Sand, Critical Debilitations, Glacial Prison, Instigate Psychic Duel, Oneiric Influence, Paralyzing Slash, Radiant Burst, Sabotage, Scare to Death, Silencing Strike, Sleeper Hold, Solar Detonation, Swap Reflections

Focus Spells

Blinding Beauty, Charming Touch, Charming Words, Claim Undead, Commanding Lash, Dreamer's Call, Eject Soul, Overflowing Sorrow, Pied Piping, Quivering Palm, Shared Nightmare, Stasis, Unbreaking Wave Containment, You're Mine


Color Spray Trap


Aromatic Lure, Astral Labyrinth, Baleful Polymorph, Banishment, Behold the Weave, Blinding Foam, Blinding Fury, Blindness, Calm Emotions, Charitable Urge, Charm, Color Spray, Compel True Name, Coral Scourge, Déjà Vu, Dominate, Elysian Whimsy, Fabricated Truth, Falling Sky, Favorable Review, Feeblemind, Flames of Ego, Glimmer of Charm, Hallucination, Heinous Future, Hypnopompic Terrors, Impending Doom, Infectious Comedy, Magical Fetters, Maze of Locked Doors, Ocular Overload, Overwhelming Presence, Paralyze, Phantom Prison, Possession, Rainbow Fumarole, Scintillating Pattern, Sleep, Steal Voice, Subconscious Suggestion, Suffocate, Suggestion, Synaptic Pulse, Telepathic Demand, Uncontrollable Dance, Undermine Reality, Unfathomable Song, Vacuum, Vibrant Pattern, Vision of Beauty, Warp Mind