Source Rage of Elements pg. 238
Effects with the wood trait conjure or manipulate wood. Those that manipulate wood have no effect in an area without wood. Creatures with this trait consist primarily of wood or have a connection to magical wood.


Animal Nip, Blooming Lotus Seed Pod, Broadleaf Shield, Captivating Rosebud, Carver-Cutter, Glowing Lantern Fruit, Kizidhar's Shield, Purifying Spoon, Rooting, Sandalwood Fan, Splintering Spear, Tailor's Boll, Tales in Timber, Therapeutic Snap Peas, Thorn Triad, Versatile Tinderbox


Ambush Bladderwort, Dash of Herbs, Drifting Pollen, Elemental Artillery, Fresh Produce, Hail of Splinters, Hardwood Armor, Hedge Maze, Jagged Berms, Living Bonfire, Orchard's Endurance, Ravel of Thorns, Read the Roots, Rouse the Forest's Fury, Sanguivolent Roots, Timber Sentinel, Tree of Duality, Tumbling Lumber, Turn the Wheel of Seasons, Witchwood Seed, Wood Ward, Wooden Palisade

Focus Spells

Arms of Nature, Wood Walk


Carved Beast, Elemental Thicket, Harvest Regiment, Jann Shuyookh, Kizidhar, Kizidhar Shuyookh, Living Grove, Lomori Sprout, Moss Sloth, Nightwood Guardian, Nursery Crawler, Painted Stag, Pine Pangolin, Snapdrake, Twins of Rowan, Vegetable Lamb, Whipping Willow, Wood Scamp, Wood Wisp


Plane of Wood


Arrow Salvo, Entwined Roots, Flourishing Flora, Helpful Wood Spirits, Life-Draining Roots, Lignify, Lotus Walk, Mantle of the Unwavering Heart, Murderous Vine, Nature's Reprisal, Petal Storm, Pollen Pods, Protector Tree, Rigid Form, Root Reading, Soothing Blossoms, Splinter Volley, Take Root, Timber, Verdant Sprout, Wall of Shrubs, Weave Wood, Wooden Double, Wooden Fists