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Mogaru's BreathHazard 21

Environmental Evocation Fire Kaiju Primal 
Source Pathfinder #167: Ready? Fight! pg. 89
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 10
Description Mogaru exhales a blast of intense flames to eradicate any meddlesome pests in the area.
Disable DC 50 Performance (legendary) or DC 53 Deception (legendary) to momentarily divert Mogaru's attention
Volcanic Trigger A creature takes a hostile action against Mogaru, produces a visible area effect, or flies within 120 feet of Mogaru; Effect Mogaru breathes a 120-foot cone of fire toward the object of his ire. Flammable objects in the area immediately combust, and stone or metal surfaces warp into difficult terrain. Creatures in the area take 20d6 fire damage (DC 44 basic Reflex save). On a failed or critically failed save, a creature also takes 3d6 persistent fire damage.
Reset Mogaru must wait 1d4 rounds before letting loose another gout of fire.