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PFS StandardEmbodied Dragoon Subjectivity Feat 9

Source Impossible Lands pg. 29

When your allies call for swift reinforcements or lightning raids, you're ready to answer. Your titanic form encompasses both cavalry and rider so that you're able to traverse vast distances and exploit opportunities in the theater of war. Your pores distend and extrude copious amounts of blood, subcutaneous fat, and lymphatic fluid for you to harden and flash-sculpt into gliding wings or a swift-hurtling mount. You can cast feather fall and phantom steed each once per day as innate occult spells. When you cast feather fall in this way, gliding wings slow your fall, and when you cast phantom steed in this way, the steed physically protrudes from your own lower body. Neither of these cosmetic changes alter the spells' effects; for example, foes can still attack the phantom steed as normal.



A humanoid transformed so completely by outside forces that they are now a unique ancestry