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PFS StandardCalligraphy Wyrm

Source PFS Guide pg. 122
PFS Note The saving throw for the calligraphy wyrm’s Ink Spray ability should have a DC equal to the master’s spell DC or class DC, whichever is higher.

Required Number of Abilities 6
Granted Abilities darkvision, flier, manual dexterity, scent, skilled (arcana, society), speech

Calligraphy wyrms are curious dragons constantly in search of new lore and writing. They make natural allies for Pathfinders. While knowledgeable, calligraphy wyrms can also be know-it-alls. Their chirpy, high-pitched voices make this attitude humorous to some and insufferable to others.

Ink Spray [one-action]

Arcane Evocation 
Source PFS Guide pg. 122
Frequency once per 10 minutes; Effect The wyrm splatters ink in a 10-foot cone. Each creature in the area must succeed at a Reflex save or become covered in ink. Ink spray has the effects of glitterdust except the creature isn't dazzled, and it can remove its blindness by spending a single action, which has the manipulate trait, to wipe off the ink from their face.

Stylus Claws

Source PFS Guide pg. 122
Your calligraphy wyrm has stylus-shaped claws that it can fill with its natural ink, using its claw as a pen without having to purchase ink.