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PFS StandardSchool of the Boundary

Source Player Core pg. 199
Why use your magic to affect something as pedestrian as the physical world? Whether you studied at the College of Dimensional Studies in Katapesh or an underground school in haunted Ustalav, you've turned your magic past the Universe to the forces beyond, summoning spirits and shades, manipulating dimensions and planes, and treading in a place not meant for mortals.

cantrips: telekinetic hand, void warp
1st: grim tendrils, phantasmal minion, summon undead
2nd: darkness, see the unseen
3rd: bind undead, ghostly weapon
4th: flicker, translocate
5th: banishment, invoke spirits
6th: teleportU, vampiric exsanguination
7th: eclipse burst, interplanar teleportU
8th: quandary, unrelenting observation
9th: massacre

School Spells
initial: fortify summoning
advanced: spiral of horrors