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Dwarven Gods

Source Gods & Magic pg. 93 2.0
The dwarven gods are one large family, with Torag as its patriarch. He is joined by his brothers Magrim (the Taskmaster) and Angradd (the Forge Fire), his half-sister Dranngvit (the Debt Minder), and his wife Folgrit (the Watchful Mother). His children are Bolka (the Golden Gift), Grundinnar (the Peacemaker), Kols (the Oath-Keeper), and Trudd (the Mighty). Torag's evil former student Droskar (the Dark Smith), though technically part of the dwarven pantheon, is rarely invoked by any save duergar.


Angradd, Bolka, Dranngvit, Droskar, Folgrit, Grundinnar, Kols, Magrim, Trudd