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PFS StandardRaga of RemembranceRitual 10

Unique Necromancy 
Source Monsters of Myth pg. 53
Cast 1 hour; Cost ceramics, incense, and pigments worth 100,000 gp; Secondary Casters 3
Primary Check Occultism or Religion (legendary); Secondary Checks Diplomacy or Performance; Nature; Religion or Society
Target(s) the primary caster
Duration 7 hours
You scribe occult symbols on unblighted Vudran ground, laying the ceramics within them to create a ritual space. To perform the ritual, light incense in the ceramics and sit at the center of the ritual space. You then play the disharmonic instrument, drawing on musical skill, occult harmonics, or religious tradition. This establishes an underlying drone atop which the secondary casters layer their own performances. The song calls to the millions who died defending Vudra from Kothogaz, investing their power in Vanitapati, the legendary psychic.

Critical Success A towering, ethereal avatar of Vanitapati manifests around you, surrounded by swirling spirits. The avatar weakens Kothogaz's spirit. While Kothogaz is within 1 mile of you, it is frightened 2 and is permanently destroyed if reduced to 0 Hit Points.
Success As critical success, but Kothogaz is frightened 1.
Failure The dead come to your aid, but their presence is unnerving. As success, but Kothogaz isn't frightened, and the primary and secondary casters take a –1 status penalty to saving throws against emotion effects.
Critical Failure Rather than the dead, Kothogaz hears the ritual's call and immediately teleports to the primary caster with its Disharmonic Door ability. Primary and secondary casters are afflicted with many-eyed blight.