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Source Core Rulebook pg. 630 2.0
A curse is an effect that places some long-term affliction on a creature. Curses are always magical and are typically the result of a spell or trap. Effects with this trait can be removed only by effects that specifically target curses.

Afflictions with this trait are manifestations of potent ill will. A curse either lasts a specified amount of time or can be removed only by certain actions a character must perform or conditions they must meet. A curse with stages follows the rules for afflictions. (Gamemastery Guide pg. 251)




Coward's Roots, Curse of Nightmares, Curse of Potent Poison, Curse of Slumber, Curse of the Ravenous, Grave Curse, Oath of the Flesh, Reviled of Nature, Reviling Earth, Sellsword's Folly, Slayer's Haunt, Spirit Anchor, Sword of Anathema, Theft of Thought, Thief's Retribution, Unending Thirst, Wizard's Ward


Accursed Clay Fist

Focus Spells

Achaekek's Clutch, Celestial Brand, Curse of Death, Evil Eye, Jealous Hex, Stumbling Curse


Concealment's Curtain, Geas, Portrait of Spite


Bandit's Doom, Bestial Curse, Blinding Fury, Blood Vendetta, Bloodspray Curse, Brand the Impenitent, Canticle of Everlasting Grief, Clownish Curse, Cup of Dust, Curse of Lost Time, Daydreamer's Curse, Dull Ambition, Feast of Ashes, Feeblemind, Ill Omen, Inevitable Disaster, Mariner's Curse, Outcast's Curse, Seal Fate, Spellwrack, Spiritual Epidemic, Warrior's Regret