Source Secrets of Magic pg. 168 1.1
Items with the catalyst trait are consumable material spell components that alter or magnify specific spells. Activating a catalyst is part of Casting the Spell. The catalyst might increase the number of actions required to Cast the Spell, as indicated in the catalyst's Activate entry. Additionally, the spell gains material components if it didn't have them already or adds the catalyst to its existing components. Because the catalyst becomes part of the material components, you can draw the catalyst as part of Casting the Spell.


Bottled Screams, Bralani Breath, Dazzling Rosary, Deathless Light, Defiled Costa, Dimensional Knot, Dragon Throat Scale, Euphoric Loop, Fearcracker, Firestarter Pellets, Force Tiles, Grave Token, Gravemist Taper, Healer's Gel, Nevercold, Nightpitch, Noxious Incense, Seventh Prism, Shadow Ash, Shimmering Dust, Soothing Scents, Swirling Sand, Thunderbird Tuft, Unsullied Blood, Vultures Wing, Waterproofing Wax