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There is a Legacy version here.

PFS StandardHunter's AnthemItem 11

Source GM Core pg. 242
Price 1,300 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 2
Base Weapon Composite Longbow
This +2 striking longbow is carefully handcrafted from a length of flexible green-tinted wood, etched in a variety of runic symbols, and strung with a dawnsilver bowstring. When you shoot the bow in rapid succession, the echoing chords generated by the bowstring form a haunting dirge that evokes the inevitable end of all things. If you have the Hunt Prey class feature, the weapon gains the thundering rune on Strikes against your prey.

Activate—Song of the Bow [two-actions] (concentrate); Frequency once per day; Effect You shoot an arrow thrumming with the song of the bow. Make a Strike with the bow that deals damage as normal. As long as the Strike isn't a critical failure, the arrow explodes in a 20-foot emanation around your target, dealing 5d10 sonic damage to creatures in the area, including the target, with a DC 28 basic Fortitude save. Any creature that critically fails is deafened for 1 minute. If any creature in the area is undetected or unnoticed by you, you learn its location, making it hidden to you instead.