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The NetherworldPlane

Source GM Core pg. 178
Category Transitive Planes
Divinities velstrac demagogues, Zon-Kuthon
Native Inhabitants calignis, d'ziriaks, kayals (fetchlings), shades (the mutilated), umbral dragons, velstracs
A murky, distorted, and imperfect mirror of the Universe, the Netherworld overlaps the Universe and serves as a buffer or conduit between it and the Void. The Netherworld exists in a state of perpetually dim half-light, the landscape containing similar features to the overlapping Universe, but in warped or twisted fashions. Cities in the Universe might exist in the Netherworld, sometimes in ruins and sometimes as terrible, frightening replicas. The darkness also holds points of beauty and relative safety, such as the great city of Shadow Absalom. The bleak doppelganger of Golarion’s own Absalom hosts cross-planar trade facilitated by a permanent, one-way portal out of the gloom.

The Netherworld is populated by dark, altered versions of creatures from the Universe, many of them immigrants that have adapted to the shadow after being trapped in the realm for generations. The shadow natives known as kayals—also called fetchlings—were originally humans before thousands of years of exposure to the Netherworld and intermarriage with strange beings forever altered them. Velstracs, who long ago fled from Hell, have since adopted the Netherworld as their home, spreading their horrific message of perfection through mutilation in service to their victim and patron, the god Zon-Kuthon. In contrast, d’ziriaks originated within the Netherworld itself, as did the fearsome umbral dragons ruling self-crafted fiefdoms within the shadows. Greatest of them is Argrinyxia, who rules over Shadow Absalom.