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PFS RestrictedMephistopheles (The Crimson Son)

Legacy Content

Source Gods & Magic pg. 124 2.0
The archdevil Mephistopheles was shaped of the ashes and fire of Hell itself to convey the plane’s will. The lord of Caina, Hell’s eighth layer, he is a conniving schemer and a brilliant politician, quick to offer insults both blatant and cloaked behind silvered words. A master of rule, law, and words, he is the creator of the renowned agreements known as infernal contracts, crafted to damn mortal souls through their own ambitions. He views mortals as nothing more than a source of power for the infernal realm, but he nevertheless has followers who share his affinity for the power of law and loophole.

Category Archdevils
Edicts Master laws and use them to your benefit, enable the desperate, excoriate others with veiled mockery
Anathema Break a contract you made, get caught breaking the law
Follower Alignments LE

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Intelligence or Charisma
Divine Font harm
Divine Sanctification can choose unholy [Nethys Note: Generated per Remaster Compatibility FAQ]
Divine Skill Deception
Favored Weapon trident
Domains glyph, knowledge, secrecy, tyranny
Cleric Spells 1st: message rune, 2nd: blistering invective, 5th: subconscious suggestion