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Divine Tradition

Source Core Rulebook pg. 299 4.0
The power of the divine is steeped in faith, the unseen, and belief in a power source from beyond the Material Plane. Clerics are the most iconic divine spellcasters, beseeching the gods to grant them their magic. Divine sorcerers can use the blood of their celestial or fiendish ancestors as a divine conduit, and champions call upon their gods to grant them martial prowess through divine guidance.

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Divine Cantrips

Ancient DustHSU: You cough up a cloud of gray soil.
PFS StandardApproximate: Magically estimate the number of nearby objects.
PFS StandardBullhornH: Magnify your voice to be heard at a distance.
PFS StandardChill TouchH: Your touch hurts the living or disorients undead.
PFS StandardDazeH: Damage a creature's mind and possibly stun it.
PFS StandardDetect MagicH: Sense whether magic is nearby.
PFS StandardDetect MetalH: Sense whether metal is nearby.
PFS StandardDisrupt UndeadH: Damage undead with positive energy.
PFS StandardDivine LanceH: Throw divine energy that damages based on your deity's alignment.
PFS StandardDraw Moisture: Dry out an object and collect the water.
PFS StandardForbidding WardH: Protect an ally against one specific enemy.
PFS StandardGuidance: Divine guidance improves one roll.
PFS StandardHaunting HymnH: A powerful hymn harms and deafens.
PFS StandardIlluminateH: Kindle all light sources around you.
PFS LimitedInside RopesHSU: You pull a large handful of guts from your midsection.
PFS LimitedInvoke True NameR: You speak the true name of a creature to more surely affect it with your magic.
PFS StandardKnow DirectionH: Find true north.
PFS StandardLightH: Make an object glow.
PFS StandardMessageH: Speak a message to a distant creature, who can reply.
PFS StandardNeedle DartsH: Turn a piece of metal into needles and shoot them at a foe.
PFS StandardPrestidigitation: Perform a minor magical trick.
PFS StandardProtect CompanionH: Shield your eidolon or minion from harm.
PFS StandardRead AuraH: Detect if an object is magical, and determine the school of its magic.
PFS StandardRead the Air: Pick up societal cues.
PFS StandardRousing SplashH: Splash a creature to invigorate it and wash away acid and fire.
PFS StandardShieldH: A shield of magical force blocks attacks and magic missiles.
PFS StandardSigilH: Leave a magical mark.
PFS StandardStabilize: Stabilize a dying creature.
PFS StandardSummon InstrumentH: Conjure a musical instrument.
Torturous TraumaHSU: You batter a creature's internal organs, leaving no external signs of the immense pain you delivered.
PFS StandardTremor SignsH: Send a sentence through stone.
PFS StandardWash Your Luck: Ignore misfortune once.

Divine 1st-Level Spells

PFS LimitedAdmonishing RayH: A ray of energy bludgeons your target into submission without causing lasting harm.
PFS StandardAir Bubble: React to create air for a creature to breathe.
PFS StandardAlarmH: Be alerted if a creature enters a warded area.
PFS StandardAnimate DeadH: Animate an undead creature to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardBane: Weaken enemies' attacks in an aura around you.
PFS StandardBless: Strengthen allies' attacks in an aura around you.
PFS StandardBreadcrumbsH: Make a trail behind a creature.
PFS LimitedCelestial AccordSU: You intervene in a heated disagreement between two creatures, encouraging them to put aside their differences and find some common ground.
PFS StandardCommandH: Bid a creature to approach, run, release something, lie prone, or stand up.
PFS StandardConcordant ChoirH: Damage foes with music.
PFS StandardCreate Water: Conjure 2 gallons of water.
PFS StandardDetect AlignmentHU: See auras of a chosen alignment.
PFS StandardDetect PoisonHU: Determine whether an object or creature is poisonous or venomous.
PFS StandardDisrupting WeaponsH: Weapons deal positive damage to undead.
PFS StandardEchoing WeaponH: Your attacks build up to release a sonic pulse.
PFS LimitedElysian WhimsySU: You overwhelm the target with an unexpected and unpredictable desire if it fails a Will save.
PFS StandardFearH: Frighten a creature, possibly making it flee.
FlenseHSU: With a touch, you strip off the flesh, muscle, and internal organs off your target, leaving only bare bones.
PFS StandardForced MercyHU: You soften the target's blows, ensuring they avoid vital areas and cause no lasting harm.
PFS LimitedGlowing TrailH: Your movements leave a vague glowing path behind you, like a misty echo of your presence.
PFS StandardHarmH: Negative energy harms the living or heals the undead, either a single creature or all in a burst.
PFS StandardHealH: Positive energy heals the living or harms the undead, either a single creature or all in a burst.
PFS StandardHelpful StepsH: You call forth a ladder or staircase to help you reach greater heights.
Know LocationH: You create an invisible anchor at a location within range (even if it's outside your line of sight or line of effect), as long as you can identify the location by its appearance (or other identifying features).
PFS StandardLockH: Make a lock hard to open.
PFS StandardMagic Stone: Make ordinary stones into magical sling bullets that are especially dangerous to undead.
PFS StandardMagic Weapon: Make a weapon temporarily magical.
PFS StandardMendingH: Repair one non-magical item.
PFS StandardNecromancer's GenerosityH: Heal your undead minion and protect it from positive energy.
PFS StandardNudge the OddsHU: Cheat at gambling.
PFS StandardPet Cache: Hide a familiar or animal companion in a pocket dimension.
PFS StandardProtectionU: Shield a creature against those of a chosen alignment.
PFS StandardPurify Food and Drink: Make beverages and meals safe.
PFS StandardPurifying IcicleHU: You evoke life essence into the form of water and freeze it, then launch the icicle at a foe.
PFS LimitedPutrefy Food and DrinkH: You cause otherwise edible food to rot and spoil instantly, and water and other liquids to become brackish and undrinkable.
PFS StandardQuick SortH: Automatically sort many objects.
PFS StandardRay of Enfeeblement: Sap a creature's strength.
PFS StandardRestyle: Make permanent style changes to clothing.
PFS StandardSanctuary: Protect a creature from being attacked.
PFS StandardSchadenfreude: React to your critical failure to distract foes with their exultation.
PFS StandardShielded ArmH: Reinforce a creature’s arm with metal that lets it use its arm as a shield.
PFS StandardSpirit LinkH: Continually transfer your health to someone else.
PFS StandardSummon Lesser ServitorH: Summon a minor celestial, monitor, or fiend.
PFS StandardSynchronizeH: Place sigils on your targets that flash at a prespecified time.
PFS StandardThoughtful GiftH: Teleport an item to an ally's grasp.
PFS StandardVentriloquismH: Throw your voice.

Divine 2nd-Level Spells

PFS LimitedAdvanced Scurvy: Your touch afflicts the target with an advanced form of scurvy, a mariner's disease stemming from improper nutrition.
PFS LimitedAllfoodH: You transform one object into an edible substance that any living creature can chew, swallow, and safely digest.
PFS StandardAugury: Predict whether a course of action brings good fortune.
Blast of the BellowsH: You create a churning eddy of warm air that makes it difficult to fly within the area.
PFS StandardBlazing ArmoryH: Create a weapon made of fire.
PFS LimitedBlazing BladeHRS: A scimitar-shaped beam of fiery light springs from your free hand.
PFS StandardBlood VendettaH: Cause a creature that attacks you to start bleeding.
PFS LimitedBone SprayHSU: You fire a torrent of jagged bone shards from your hands.
PFS LimitedBoneshakerHSU: You reach out a hand and seize a creature's skeleton from afar, harming their body and potentially wrenching them by the bones to move them against their will.
PFS LimitedBralani ReferendumHSU: You enforce fair play with punishing zephyrs.
PFS StandardBrand the Impenitent: You brand the target with an ethereal copy of your deity’s religious symbol.
PFS StandardCalm Emotions: Suppress strong emotions and hostility.
PFS StandardCauterize Wounds: Seal bleeding wounds with flame.
PFS StandardCharitable Urge: Make a creature give away an object in its possession.
PFS StandardClad in MetalH: Coat an item in a metal of your choice.
PFS LimitedClawsongHSU: You sing a fierce prayer, low and growling, and awaken the ancient spirit of a Terwa beast to guide and strengthen the target's unarmed blows.
PFS StandardCleanse AirH: Make air safe.
PFS StandardComprehend LanguageH: A creature understands one language.
PFS StandardContinual FlameH: A magical flame burns indefinitely.
PFS StandardCreate FoodH: Conjure food that can feed multiple creatures.
PFS StandardDancing ShieldHU: You levitate the touched shield and orbit it around a nearby ally.
PFS StandardDarknessH: Suppress all light in an area.
PFS StandardDarkvisionH: See in the dark.
PFS StandardDeafness: Make a creature deaf.
PFS StandardDeath Knell: Finish off a creature who's near death.
PFS StandardDispel Magic: End a spell or suppress an item's magic.
PFS StandardEndure ElementsH: Protect a creature from severe cold or heat.
PFS StandardEnhance VictualsH: Improve food or drink and remove poisons.
PFS StandardFaerie Fire: Colorful light prevents creatures from being concealed or invisible.
PFS LimitedFear the SunHSU: You cause the creature's vision to become particularly sensitive.
PFS StandardFinal SacrificeH: Channel energy to blow up your minion.
PFS StandardFireproofH: Protect an object against catching fire.
PFS StandardGentle BreezeH: Create a soothing wind that heals and reduces heat.
PFS StandardGentle ReposeH: A corpse doesn't decay and can't become undead.
PFS StandardGhoulish Cravings: Infect a creature with ghoul fever.
PFS LimitedGrave ImpressionsHSU: You project a fragment of your senses into the corpse.
PFS StandardGuiding Star: Constellations nudge the target to travel to a location you choose.
PFS LimitedHorrifying Blood LossHSU: You curse the target, filling it with terror at the loss of its blood.
PFS LimitedImp StingSU: You reproduce an imp's evil, poisonous sting, stabbing at an enemy and possibly affecting them with the devil's benumbing venom.
PFS LimitedImpeccable FlowHSU: You attune yourself to an underlying cosmic order to the world.
PFS LimitedInner Radiance TorrentH: Gather spiritual energy to fire a storm of force bolts and beams.
PFS StandardInstant Armor: Set a contingency to return your armor to you.
PFS StandardLucky Number: Set a contingency to reroll a specific, randomly chosen d20 result.
PFS StandardMimic Undead: Pretend to be undead.
PFS LimitedRadiant FieldHSU: You create an area of bright light.
PFS StandardReaper's Lantern: A ghostly lantern diminishes healing for the living and weakens undead.
PFS StandardRemove FearH: Free a creature from its fright.
PFS StandardRemove ParalysisH: Free a creature from paralysis.
PFS StandardResist EnergyH: Protect a creature from one type of energy damage.
PFS StandardRestorationH: Reduce a condition or lessen a toxin.
PFS StandardRestore SensesH: Remove a blinding or deafening effect.
PFS StandardSee InvisibilityH: See invisible creatures and objects.
PFS LimitedShadow ZombieHSU: You cast a shadow over the target zombie, briefly turning it into shadowy vapor and controlling its movement.
PFS StandardShield Other: Absorb half the damage an ally would take.
PFS StandardSilenceH: Mute all sound from a creature.
PFS StandardSound BurstH: Damage and deafen creatures with a powerful din.
PFS StandardSpirit SenseH: Find spirits and haunts.
PFS StandardSpiritual WeaponH: Materialize a deific weapon of force that appears and attacks repeatedly.
PFS StandardStatusH: Keep track of a willing creature's location and well-being.
PFS StandardSudden BlightH: Decay living creatures and plants.
PFS StandardSummoner's Precaution: Set a contingency to avoid being knocked out alongside your eidolon.
PFS StandardSummoner's VisageH: Change your eidolon to cosmetically appear to be your identical twin.
PFS LimitedSwallow LightHSU: You draw magical light into your open mouth, consuming it and turning its essence into fuel for a gout of life-draining shadows.
PFS StandardThermal RemedyH: Adjust ingredients in food and drink for health benefits.
PFS StandardUndetectable AlignmentU: Make a creature or object appear neutral to alignment detection.
PFS LimitedVicious JealousyHSU: The target is overcome by deep jealousy and resentment that twists its mind against other creatures.
PFS StandardWarrior's RegretH: Regrets overcome a foe when they harm others.
PFS StandardWater BreathingH: Allow creatures to breathe underwater.
PFS StandardWater WalkH: Buoy a creature so it can walk on water.

Divine 3rd-Level Spells

PFS StandardAgonizing DespairH: Mentally damage and frighten a creature.
PFS StandardBehold the WeaveH: View the timelines to make one more likely to occur
PFS StandardBind Undead: Take control of a mindless undead.
PFS StandardBlindness: Strike a target blind.
Caster's ImpositionHSU: A magical interference prevents the target from contributing to any form of cooperative spellcasting.
PFS StandardChilling DarknessH: Ray of evil darkness deals cold damage, counteracts light, and harms celestials.
PFS StandardCircle of ProtectionHU: A creature emits an aura that protects those within against an alignment.
PFS StandardClaim Curse: Draw a creature's curse into you temporarily.
PFS StandardConsecrate FleshHU: Through the strength of your faith, your body becomes infused with holy energy.
PFS StandardCrisis of FaithH: Cause mental damage and possibly make a worshipper unable to cast spells.
Deep SightH: Your eyes darken until they become entirely pitch black.
PFS StandardDream MessageH: Send a message that arrives in a dream.
PFS StandardFamiliar's Face: Implant your senses in your animal companion or familiar.
Fate's TravelsH: You get a vision of the creature when it was alive, and its last 10 minutes of travel.
PFS StandardFocusing Hum: A pleasant hum helps resist distractions
PFS StandardGlyph of Warding: Store a spell in a symbol to make a trap.
PFS LimitedHeatvisionHU: Let a creature see heat.
PFS StandardHeroismH: Stoke a creature's inner heroism to make it more competent.
PFS StandardImpending DoomH: Make a foe witness its potential death and become distressed.
PFS LimitedInfectious EnnuiHRS: With a wave of your hand and a short invocation, you cause feelings of ennui and impending doom to well up in the mind of the targeted creature, who must attempt a Will save.
PFS StandardLife Connection: Set a contingency to take damage for an ally.
PFS StandardLife PactHU: Using your life force or spirit as a conduit, you bind the targets in a mystical pact.
PFS StandardLocateHU: Learn the direction to an object.
PFS StandardLotus WalkH: Bloom water plants that let you and others walk on water.
PFS StandardMartyr's InterventionU: You shield a creature in dire need with your own life force, taking the harm upon yourself to save their life.
PFS StandardMind of Menace: Set a contingency to punish a foe's mental effect and protect yourself from it.
PFS LimitedMoonlight RayHSU: You unleash a holy beam of freezing moonlight.
PFS StandardNeutralize Poison: Cure a poison afflicting a creature.
PFS StandardOrgansightH: See a foe's organs, and use your knowledge to deal precision damage.
PFS StandardPercussive ImpactHU: You lob a compressed ball of sound at a foe.
PFS StandardPositive AttunementH: Attune a creature to the Positive Energy Plane, healing a living creature or damaging an undead.
PFS StandardRemove Disease: Cure a disease afflicting a creature.
PFS StandardRoaring ApplauseH: Force the target to cheer and applaud you.
PFS StandardRouse SkeletonsH: Rouse a squadron of skeletons to claw your foes.
PFS StandardSafe PassageH: Make an area safe to move through.
PFS StandardSanctified Ground: Create a 24-hour area of protection against aberrations, celestials, dragons, fiends, or undead.
PFS StandardScrying RipplesH: Scry from one body of water into another.
PFS StandardSearing LightH: A ray of burning light deals extra damage to undead and counteracts darkness.
PFS StandardShow the WayH: You and affected allies gain preternatural knowledge of the path ahead, allowing you to intuit the best way forward and avoid potential obstacles.
PFS StandardSign of ConvictionHU: You conjure the religious symbol of your deity into the air above you in the same space you stand in, wielding the power of your faith to smite your foes.
PFS StandardSoothing Blossoms: Flowers assist recovery from persistent damage and afflictions.
PFS StandardSparkleskinU: You coat a creature's body in a layer of brilliantly sparkling glitter.
PFS StandardVampiric TouchH: Deal negative damage and gain temporary HP with a touch.
PFS StandardWall of VirtueHU: You create a translucent wall of light, which draws power from the celestial realms.
PFS StandardWanderer's Guide: Find an ideal route to a location.
PFS StandardWarding Aggression: Strike an enemy to improve your defense against it, and extend the spell with further attacks.
PFS StandardWeb of Eyes: Put scrying sensors on creatures, allowing them to share their vision with others.
PFS StandardWhirling ScarvesH: You surround yourself in a vortex of whirling colorful scarves of force that obfuscate you and disorient your foes.
PFS StandardZone of TruthU: Designate an area where creatures are compelled to be truthful.

Divine 4th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAir Walk: Walk on air as though it were solid ground.
PFS StandardAnathematic ReprisalH: Cause mental pain to one who commits anathema against your deity.
PFS StandardBloodspray CurseH: Curse a foe with deeper wounds and bleeding.
PFS LimitedCloak of LightHSU: You surround yourself in holy light that restores the living and rebuffs undead.
PFS LimitedCompel True NameR: You instruct the target to do something, compelling obedience by calling it by its true name.
PFS LimitedDawnflower's LightHRS: The object glows with soft golden light that lays bare the truth, reveals hidden objects, and shines supernatural light on false orders.
PFS StandardDetect CreatorR: You examine the remains or spiritual residue of a destroyed undead creature to locate that undead's creator, perhaps a necromancer or vampire.
PFS StandardDimensional Anchor: Keep a creature from teleporting or traveling to other planes.
Dirge of RemembranceHSU: You sing a funereal dirge to force restless spirits to fully manifest in the Material Plane.
PFS StandardDiscern LiesU: Expertly detect lies and falsehoods.
PFS StandardDivine WrathH: Damage and hinder creatures of alignments opposed by your deity.
PFS StandardDull Ambition: Curse a creature with an unfortunate lack of ambition.
PFS StandardEnervationH: Drain a creature's vigor.
PFS StandardEnhance SensesHU: You enhance the target's senses.
Forgotten LinesHRS: Restore destroyed or censored text.
PFS StandardFreedom of Movement: A creature overcomes hindrances to its movement.
PFS RestrictedGhostly TragedyU: Have spirits reenact a violent event.
PFS LimitedGirzanje's MarchHSU: You sing a prayer for war, inspiring valor in allies who hear your song.
PFS StandardGlobe of InvulnerabilityU: Magical sphere counteracts spells that would enter it.
PFS StandardHoly CascadeH: Turn a vial of holy water into an explosion of blessed water.
PFS StandardImplement of DestructionH: A single weapon fills an enemy's mind with existential dread
Internal InsurrectionRS: You afflict the target with the supernatural disease known as internal insurrection, causing portions of their body to rebel against the whole, leading to painful agonies and, in time, death.
PFS StandardMagic MailboxU: Interdimensionally link two containers.
PFS StandardMisty MemoryU: Replay a scene from the past through the medium of water.
PFS LimitedMovanic GlimmerHSU: You give the target animal a glimmer of awareness, not truly awakening it but allowing it to better understand its surroundings.
Necrotic RadiationHSU: You imbue the touched object or space with slow-acting necrotic radiation.
PFS StandardOutcast's Curse: Curse a creature to be off-putting and grating.
PFS StandardPainful VibrationsH: Damage, deafen, and sicken a foe with sonic vibrations.
PFS StandardPernicious PoltergeistH: Call forth a poltergeist to make mischief.
PFS LimitedPhantasmal ProtagonistHRS: You create a phantasmal incarnation of a significant character from a novel, historical work, or religious parable.
PFS StandardPhoenix WardH: Protect yourself from dying from fire.
Procyal PhilosophySU: The racoon-like visage of a sagacious procyal appears, dispensing helpful advice.
PFS StandardRadiant BeamHU: You fire a beam of blinding light from your outstretched hands.
Radiant Heart of DevotionHSU: You speak a fervent prayer for the heavens to assist you and your righteous allies.
PFS StandardRead OmensU: Get a piece of advice about an upcoming event.
PFS StandardRemove Curse: Counteract a curse afflicting a creature.
PFS StandardSanguine MistH: Create a cloud of life-draining fog that siphons vitality into you.
PFS StandardSeal FateH: Curse a creature to be harmed by a certain type of damage.
PFS StandardSoothing SpringH: Create a rejuvenating hot spring that heals the wounded and tired.
PFS StandardSpell Immunity: Name a spell to negate its effects on you.
PFS LimitedSpiritual AnamnesisSU: Overwhelm a target with memories of a past life.
PFS StandardSpiritual AttunementHU: Attune to an aligned plane to protect yourself and harm creatures opposed to that plane.
Steal VoiceSU: You steal a creature's voice, rendering them mute.
Stonesense: You can tremorsense
PFS StandardTalking CorpseU: Have a corpse answer three questions.
PFS StandardVampiric MaidenH: A ghostly iron maiden harms a creature and transfers its vitality to you.
PFS StandardVital BeaconH: Radiate vitality that heals creatures that touch you.
PFS StandardYmeri's MarkH: Curse a creature with the Queen of the Inferno’s mark to track it or make it explode.

Divine 5th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAbyssal Plague: Inflict a draining curse.
PFS LimitedBandit's DoomH: Set up a ward to protect an item.
PFS StandardBanishmentH: Send a creature back to its home plane.
PFS StandardBelittling BoastHU: You boast about your skills or combat prowess, bolstering your own abilities and belittling your opponents.
PFS LimitedBlackfinger's BladesSU: You pray for swift and painful death to your enemies and find your and your allies' weapons blessed to deliver just that.
PFS StandardBlessing of Defiance: Boost one of an ally's defenses.
PFS StandardBlink ChargeH: Teleport and attack with magical force.
PFS LimitedBlood FeastHSU: Your head splits vertically into an enormous maw, which feasts upon the target's blood.
PFS StandardBreath of Life: React to revive a creature at the moment of its death.
PFS StandardDeath Ward: Protect a creature against negative energy.
PFS StandardDrop DeadHU: The target appears to die but actually turns invisible.
PFS StandardFlame StrikeH: Call divine fire from the sky.
PFS StandardHealing WellH: Create a well that you and your allies can use to heal.
PFS StandardInevitable DisasterH: Twist fate to damage a foe in the near future.
PFS StandardInvoke SpiritsH: Call a group of ghostly apparitions to attack your foes.
PFS LimitedLashunta's Life BubbleHSU: You create a replenishing protective bubble of fresh, temperate air around the target.
PFS LimitedMirecloakSU: You wrap the targeted creatures in thin, sickly green shrouds that sap information from attackers.
PFS StandardMirror MalefactorsH: Mirrors surround a target, and the reflections attack them repeatedly.
PFS StandardPrying Eye: An invisible eye transmits what it sees to you.
PFS StandardRallying BannerU: You create an illusory banner representing a revolution, social movement, or organization such as the Firebrands.
Ravening MawHSU: You evoke Zevgavizeb’s unceasing hunger and inflict it upon your target.
PFS StandardRepelling PulseH: Telekinetically knock creatures back and damage them with force.
PFS StandardRewinding StepH: Anchor your location in time so you can quickly return.
PFS StandardRip the SpiritH: Tear at a living creature's spirit with negative energy to damage and drain it.
Ritual ObstructionSU: You establish a zone of magical feedback that makes it impossible to succeed at rituals of this spell's level or lower in the area.
PFS StandardScouring PulseHU: You inundate the area with concentrated positive energy, which scours away the stain of undeath.
PFS StandardSending: Send a mental message to a creature anywhere on the planet and get a reply.
PFS StandardShadow BlastH: Shape a cone of shadow to deal damage of a type you choose.
PFS LimitedSoulshelter VesselHSU: You connect the spirit of the target creature with the target object, giving their spirit a durable vessel that protects and empowers their body.
PFS StandardSpiritual GuardianH: Create a magical guardian to attack at your command and take damage for your allies.
Spiritual TorrentHSU: You release your spiritual essence in a torrential blast of energy, dealing 10d6 damage.
PFS StandardSummon AnarchH: Summon a chaotic celestial, monitor, or fiend.
PFS StandardSummon AxiomH: Summon a lawful celestial, monitor, or fiend.
PFS StandardSummon CelestialH: Conjure a celestial to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardSummon FiendH: Conjure a fiend to fight on your behalf.
PFS StandardSummon Healing ServitorHU: You call forth a servitor forged from raw positive energy to heal and bolster your allies.
PFS StandardTemporary Glyph: Quickly scribe a short-lived glyph to blast foes.
PFS StandardTonguesHU: Let a creature understand and speak all languages.
PFS StandardWall of Flesh: Spawn a wall of living flesh.
PFS StandardWisdom of the WindsU: Ask air spirits for guidance.

Divine 6th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAwaken EntropyH: Age creatures and objects to dust
PFS StandardBlade BarrierH: Form a wall of swords made of force.
PFS StandardBlinding Fury: Curse a creature that attacks you, making its victims become invisible to it.
Bound in DeathHSU: You tether another creature's spirit to your own, shunting part of the damage dealt to you onto one of your foes.
PFS LimitedCatch Your NameR: You learn a private name (but not the true name) of the creature who spoke your name, as well as their precise location, unless they succeed at a Will save to negate the effect.
PFS StandardDaemon Form: Turn into a daemon battle form.
PFS StandardDemon Form: Turn into a demon battle form.
PFS StandardDevil Form: Turn into a devil battle form.
PFS StandardField of LifeH: Create a positive energy field that heals those within.
PFS LimitedGray ShadowSU: You pray over a dying creature, drawing its shadow into your service as long as its owner is stooped at death's door.
Heinous FutureU: You hold up fractured mirror to the target, and in that mirror it sees a thing that may yet come to pass.
PFS LimitedMantle of Heaven's SlopesSU: You surround yourself in a mantle of heavenly power, invoking the power of the layers of the celestial mountain above.
PFS StandardNecrotizeH: Necrotize a foe's body, harming and randomly debilitating them.
PFS StandardRaise DeadHU: Return a dead creature to life.
Ravenous DarknessSU: You create a shroud of magical darkness that feeds on those inside it.
PFS StandardRepulsion: Prevent creatures from approaching you.
PFS StandardRighteous MightH: Turn into a battle form with divine armaments.
PFS StandardScintillating SafeguardH: Reactively protect multiple creatures from harm with a magic barrier.
PFS StandardSpellwrack: Curse a creature to be harmed when a spell is cast on it and lower the duration of its spells.
PFS StandardSpirit BlastH: Damage a creature's spiritual essence.
PFS StandardStone TellU: Speak to spirits within natural stone.
PFS StandardStone to Flesh: Turn a creature turned to stone back to flesh.
SuffocateHSU: You forcefully and cruelly draw the living breath from a creature's lungs, dealing 4d8 bludgeoning damage.
PFS StandardSuspended RetributionH: See disaster in the future that strikes when the target takes a specific action
PFS LimitedTemporal WardHRS: You ward a target doorway or container with a temporal trap that rewinds the personal timeline of creatures trying to open it.
PFS StandardTrue Seeing: See through illusions and transmutations.
PFS StandardVampiric ExsanguinationH: Draw blood and life force from creatures in a cone.
PFS StandardZealous ConvictionH: Instill unshakable conviction and zeal in willing creatures.

Divine 7th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAngel FormH: Transform into an angel battle form.
PFS StandardCosmic Form: Turn into a battle form based on the sun or moon.
PFS StandardDeity's StrikeH: Enormous deific weapon falls onto a foe from the sky.
PFS StandardDimensional LockU: Prevent teleportation and planar travel.
PFS StandardDivine DecreeH: Creatures of alignments opposed by your deity are damaged, enfeebled, paralyzed, or banished.
PFS StandardDivine VesselH: Take on aspects of a servitor of your deity.
PFS StandardEclipse BurstH: A globe of freezing darkness explodes in the area.
PFS StandardEnergy AegisH: A creature gains resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, and sonic.
PFS StandardEthereal JauntHU: Use the Ethereal Plane to move through objects and into the air.
PFS StandardFinger of DeathH: Point at a creature to deal negative damage and possibly kill it instantly.
PFS StandardInexhaustible Cynicism: Make creatures paranoid and cynical.
PFS LimitedMoonburstHSU: A powerful globe of chilling moonlight explodes in the area, dealing 8d10 cold damage to creatures and objects in the area, plus 8d10 additional positive damage to undead creatures.
PFS StandardPlane ShiftU: Transport creatures to another plane of existence.
PFS StandardRegenerateH: Cause a creature to heal over time, regrow organs, and reattach body parts.
PFS LimitedReturn to EssenceHRS: You unravel the magic of a spell that affects a container, door, or lock, converting it into energy you can repurpose to power your own spells.
PFS StandardShock to the SystemH: Lightning revives and revitalizes.
PFS StandardSunburstH: A globe of sunlight deals fire damage, hurts undead, and overcomes darkness.
PFS StandardTempest of Shades: Summon an incarnate tornado of undead shades to drain and frighten foes.

Divine 8th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAntimagic FieldR: Magic doesn't function in an area around you.
PFS StandardCanticle of Everlasting Grief: Mournful dirge frightens and mentally damages a foe, preventing its bonuses.
PFS LimitedDevour LifeHSU: You attempt to utterly consume the target's life force.
PFS StandardDiscern LocationU: Discover a target's exact location within unlimited range.
PFS StandardDivine ArmageddonH: Call on your deity to bring about a cataclysm.
PFS StandardDivine Aura: Allies in an aura have better defenses and are protected against one alignment.
PFS StandardDivine Inspiration: Spiritual energy recovers a creature's expended spell.
PFS StandardMoment of Renewal: Give a day's recovery in an instant.
PFS StandardSpiritual Epidemic: Weaken a target with a communicable curse.
PFS StandardSummon Deific Herald: Summon an incarnate representative of your deity, with effects depending on alignment.
PFS StandardSummon Elemental Herald: Summon an incarnate elemental to create a natural disaster.

Divine 9th-Level Spells

PFS LimitedAstral LabyrinthHSU: You connect the entire area with an invisible maze of astral energy that interferes with dimensional and mental magic.
PFS StandardBind SoulU: Imprison a dead creature's soul.
Call FluxwraithR: You break a mirror and cast the shards into the air.
PFS StandardCrusadeHU: Creatures become dedicated to a cause of your choice.
PFS StandardForesight: Sense when a creature is in danger and react to protect it with good fortune.
PFS StandardMassacreH: Instantly kill multiple creatures.
PFS StandardOverwhelming Presence: Take on the majesty of a god.
PFS StandardProliferating Eyes: You implant a contagious, scrying eye that spreads to others by touch.
PFS StandardTelepathic Demand: Send a mental message that impels a creature toward a course of action.
UndertakerRS: You point your finger toward the target and whisper an epitaph that promises to grace their gravestone in the near future.
PFS StandardVoracious GestaltH: Create a spirit gestalt that eats souls and grows stronger.
PFS StandardWail of the Banshee: Scream, dealing damage and draining creatures.
PFS StandardWeapon of JudgmentH: Form a weapon to enforce war or peace.

Divine 10th-Level Spells

PFS StandardAvatar: Transform into a battle form determined by your deity.
PFS StandardFated Confrontation: Isolate two fated opponents and let them twist each other's fate.
PFS StandardGateU: Tear open a portal to another plane.
PFS StandardIndestructibility: Become briefly immune to everything.
PFS StandardMiracle: Ask for a blessing to duplicate divine spells.
PFS LimitedNullify: React to automatically counteract a spell and take backlash damage.
PFS StandardRemakeU: Recreate a destroyed object.
PFS StandardRevival: Heal creatures in an area and return the dead to life temporarily.