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PFS StandardSpinner of Threads

Source Player Core pg. 185
You met your patron in a memory of an encounter yet to come or a premonition of something long since passed, as they untangled and re-spun the tapestry of time and fate. Was your patron a norn? A herald of a deity like Pharasma, Alseta, or Grandmother Spider? Could it even be a single individual appearing at three or more points in its timeline—multiple versions of the same being, parallel threads converging on a single moment?

Spell List occult
Patron Skill Occultism

Lesson of Fate's Vicissitudes Your patron's harsh lesson is that fate spares no one, rising and falling in turn for all. You gain the nudge fate hex cantrip and your familiar learns sure strike.
Familiar of Balanced Luck Your familiar has a spot on its body that looks like a good luck charm or a bad omen, depending on the angle. When you Cast or Sustain a hex, one creature within 15 feet of your familiar gets your choice of either a +1 status bonus to its AC or a –1 status penalty to its AC until the start of your next turn.