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There is a Legacy version here.

PFS StandardCloak of SwiftnessItem 17

Apex Invested Magical 
Source GM Core pg. 270
Price 15,000 gp
Usage worn claok; Bulk
This thin cloak is surprisingly light, as if clouds or the very wind were woven together to make the garment. The cloak grants you a +3 item bonus to Acrobatics checks. When you invest the cloak, you either increase your Dexterity modifier by 1 or increase it to +4, whichever would give you a higher value.

Activate—Ride the Wind [one-action] (manipulate); Frequency once per day; Effect You tug on the cloak, wrapping yourself in the power of wind. You gain a fly Speed of 30 feet for 1 hour. While wrapped in the cloak, you become translucent, causing you to become concealed for the duration.