Source Core Rulebook pg. 633 4.0
You must physically manipulate an item or make gestures to use an action with this trait. Creatures without a suitable appendage can’t perform actions with this trait. Manipulate actions often trigger reactions.


Administer First Aid, Affix a Fulu, Affix a Talisman, Amulet's Abeyance, Camouflage Campsite, Camp Management, Collect Spirit Remnant, Compose Missive, Conceal an Object, Cook Basic Meal, Cook Special Meal, Craft, Craft Disharmonic Instrument, Disable a Device, Discover Special Meal, Drink from the Chalice, Enhance Weapons, Enter the Harrow Court, Explode, Exploit Vulnerability, Feast on the Fallen, Fling Magic, Grab an Edge, Grow, Harvest Heartsliver, Impersonate, Interact, Intimidating Posture, Maintain Armor, Manifest Eidolon, Mirror's Reflection, Overdrive, Palm an Object, Pick a Lock, Point Out, Prove Peace, Quick Alchemy, Quick Tincture, Release, Repair, Ring Bell, Set Traps, Steal, Stop, Take Control, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, Treat Wounds, Wilderness Survival


Affix a Talisman


Accompany, Advanced First Aid, Alloy Flesh and Steel, Anoint Ally, Architect of Flame, Ashen Veil, Automatic Writing, Barrier of Boreal Frost, Battle Medicine, Bizarre Transformation, Bond Conservation, Boost Modulation, Call Implement, Can't Fall Here, Cast Out, Ceremony of Protection, Chaotic Spell, Chromotherapy, Clockwork Celerity, Collapse Armor, Collapse Construct, Conceal Spell, Conductive Sphere, Crawling Fire, Cryptic Spell, Crystal Healing, Deep Freeze, Dig Quickly, Distracting Explosion, Divine Disharmony, Eerie Proclamation, Elaborate Flourish, Electrify Armor, Emergency Medical Assistance, Eternal Torch, Exude Abyssal Corruption, Feast, Ferocious Gust, Flame Jump, Focused Juggler, Forcible Energy, Form Control, Friendly Toss, Furnace Form, Harmonize, Hedge Maze, Helpful Tinkering, Hydraulic Maneuvers, Igneogenesis, Impenetrable Fog, Improvised Crafting, Instinctive Strike, Juggle, Leyline Conduit, Megavolt, Melodious Spell, Nonlethal Spell, Ocean's Balm, Ostentatious Arrival, Overdrive Ally, Overwhelming Energy, Pit of Snakes, Poison Weapon, Portentous Spell, Quaking Stomp, Quick Stow (Swordmaster), Reactive Distraction, Reflexive Catch, Reloading Trick, Restore Omen, Resuscitate, Rock Rampart, Root to Life, Scrap Barricade, Searing Restoration, Share Weakness, Slayer's Blessing, Slice and Swipe, Spark Fist, Stepping Stones, Surging Might, Surprise Snare, Tamper, Target of Opportunity, Timeline-Splitting Spell, Torrent in the Blood, Touch Focus, Train Animal, Transpose, Treat Condition, Trick Magic Item, Turn Away Misfortune, Ubiquitous Weakness, Unlimited Potential, Unusual Composition, Widen Spell, Wild Winds Gust, Wooden Palisade

Focus Spells

Arms of Nature, Combustion, Crushing Ground, Powerful Inhalation, Practice Makes Perfect, Pulverizing Cascade, Repel Metal, Rising Surf, Serrate, Stone Lance, Tireless Worker, Updraft, Wildfire, Wood Walk


Administer First Aid, Conceal an Object, Craft, Disable a Device, Impersonate, Palm an Object, Pick a Lock, Repair, Steal, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, Treat Wounds


Airlift, Arrow Salvo, Beheading Buzz Saw, Blazing Armory, Burrow Ward, Cauterize Wounds, Cave Fangs, Cinder Swarm, Clad in Metal, Cleanse Air, Cloud Dragon's Cloak, Conductive Weapon, Coral Scourge, Dancing Fountain, Deep Breath, Dehydrate, Detect Metal, Dive and Breach, Draw Moisture, Eat Fire, Elemental Breath, Elemental Sense, Engrave Memory, Entwined Roots, Exploding Earth, Falsify Heat, Ferrous Form, Field of Razors, Fireproof, Fire's Pathway, Flame Dancer, Flames of Ego, Flourishing Flora, Fold Metal, Freezing Rain, Frost Pillar, Gentle Breeze, Glass Form, Grasp of the Deep, Grasping Earth, Heatvision, Heaving Earth, Helpful Wood Spirits, Hungry Depths, Illuminate, Instant Pottery, Interposing Earth, Life-Draining Roots, Lignify, Lotus Walk, Magnetic Dominion, Mantle of the Melting Heart, Mantle of the Unwavering Heart, Mercurial Stride, Misty Memory, Needle Darts, Noxious Metals, Pave Ground, Personal Ocean, Phantom Orchestra, Phoenix Ward, Pillar of Water, Pollen Pods, Pressure Zone, Propulsive Breeze, Rainbow Fumarole, Rigid Form, Root Reading, Rousing Splash, Rubble Step, Rust Cloud, Sand Form, Scrying Ripples, Shielded Arm, Shock to the System, Signal Skyrocket, Slashing Gust, Sliding Blocks, Splinter Volley, Stifling Stillness, Summon Elemental Herald, Take Root, Tempest Cloak, Thermal Remedy, Timber, Tremor Signs, Tremorsense, Vacuum, Verdant Sprout, Vitrifying Blast, Voice on the Breeze, Wall of Metal, Wall of Shrubs, Waterproof, Weaken Earth, Weave Wood, Whirlpool, Wisdom of the Winds, Wooden Double, Wooden Fists, Ymeri's Mark, Zephyr Slip