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There is a Legacy version here.

Living MantleItem 10+

Focused Invested Plant Primal 
Source GM Core pg. 292
Usage worn cloak; Bulk L
The base of this cloak is a thick layer of moss, but it slowly picks up native plants from each area it spends time in. You gain a +2 item bonus to Nature checks. You also suffer no effects from severe cold and severe heat.

Activate—Druidic Secrets [free-action] (concentrate); Frequency once per day; Effect You gain 1 Focus Point, which you can spend only to cast an order spell. If you don't spend this Focus Point by the end of this turn, it is lost.

Craft Requirements You are a druid.

PFS StandardLiving MantleItem 10

Source GM Core pg. 292
Price 1,000 gp

PFS StandardLiving Mantle (Greater)Item 18

Source GM Core pg. 292
Price 21,000 gp
The bonus to Nature checks increases to +3. You also suffer no effects from extreme cold and extreme heat.