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Source Bestiary pg. 47
These stealthy and cruel goblinoid creatures delight in spreading fear and tormenting their victims. Bugbears are the monsters lurking in the closet and hiding under the bed. Preying on remote farmsteads, bugbears reveal their presence with thumps in the night or creaks of boards to build lurking dread and arouse suspicion and fear.


Bugbear Thug (Creature 2), Bugbear Tormentor (Creature 3)

Sidebar - Locations Bugbear Lairs

Bugbears live in small gangs that often prowl together, working as a group to sow torment. They keep their lairs in hard-to-find places deep in the forest or hills.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Bugbear Treasure

Though bugbears don't have much concern for treasure, they're prone to keeping gruesome trophies. Some might keep a leather cord strung with ears from their victims, while others collect severed fingers or noses. Bits of valuable jewelry can sometimes remain on these grisly prizes.