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Spirit WindowHazard 20

Source Dark Archive pg. 124
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 51
Description Spirits trapped inside a haunted window harm those who touch the window.
Disable DC 48 Occultism (legendary) to free the spirits from the mirror, or DC 48 Religion (legendary) to banish the spirits
AC 45, Fort +36, Ref +30
Hardness 35 (window), HP 132 (BT 66); Immunities object immunities
Siphon Soul [reaction] (evil, necromancy, negative, occult) Trigger A creature touches the window; Effect The triggering creature takes 8d10+44 negative damage (DC 42 basic Will save) as the window attempts to steal their soul. If this damage would kill the target, its soul is trapped inside the window with the effects of bind soul.
Reset 1 round