Source Core Rulebook pg. 634 4.0
Abilities with this trait are from the monk class. A weapon with this trait is primarily used by monks.


Flurry of Blows


Abundant Step, Align Ki, Ancestral Weaponry, Arrow Snatching , Blazing Streak, Blazing Talon Surge, Brawling Focus, Clinging Shadows Initiate, Cobra Envenom, Cobra Stance, Crane Flutter, Crane Stance, Crushing Grab, Dancing Leaf, Deadly Strikes, Deflect Arrow, Diamond Fists, Diamond Soul, Disrupt Ki, Dodging Roll, Dragon Roar, Dragon Stance, Effortless Reach, Electric Counter, Elemental Fist, Empty Body, Endurance of the Rooted Tree, Enduring Quickness, Enlightened Presence, Entwined Energy Ki, Explosive Death Drop, Flinging Blow, Flurry of Maneuvers, Flying Kick, Focused Shot, Form Lock, Fuse Stance, Golden Body, Gorilla Pound, Gorilla Stance, Guarded Movement, Impossible Technique, Improved Knockback, Inner Fire (SoM), Irezoko Tattoo, Ironblood Stance, Ironblood Surge, Jellyfish Stance, Ki Blast, Ki Center, Ki Cutting Sight, Ki Form, Ki Rush, Ki Strike, Knockback Strike, Master of Many Styles, Meditative Focus, Meditative Wellspring, Medusa's Wrath, Mixed Maneuver, Monastic Archer Stance, Monastic Weaponry, Mountain Quake, Mountain Stance, Mountain Stronghold, One-Inch Punch, One-Millimeter Punch, Overwhelming Breath, Peafowl Stance, Peafowl Strut, Pinning Fire, Prevailing Position, Quivering Palm, Rain of Embers Stance, Reflective Ripple Stance, Return Fire, Rippling Spin, Sacred Ki, Sense Ki, Shadow's Web, Shattering Strike (Monk), Shooting Stars Stance, Sleeper Hold, Stance Savant (Monk), Stand Still, Stoked Flame Stance, Stumbling Feint, Stumbling Stance, Stunning Fist, Swift River, Tangled Forest Rake, Tangled Forest Stance, Tiger Slash, Tiger Stance, Timeless Body, Tongue of the Sun and Moon, Triangle Shot, Vitality-Manipulating Stance, Wall Run, Water Step, Wave Spiral, Whirling Blade Stance, Whirling Throw, Wholeness of Body, Wild Winds Gust, Wild Winds Initiate, Wind Jump, Winding Flow, Wolf Drag, Wolf Stance, Wronged Monk's Wrath

Focus Spells

Abundant Step, Clinging Shadows Stance, Empty Body, Ki Blast, Ki Form, Ki Rush, Ki Strike, Medusa's Wrath, Quivering Palm, Shadow's Web, Wholeness of Body, Wild Winds Stance, Wind Jump, Wronged Monk's Wrath


Bo Staff, Bow Staff, Butterfly Sword, Feng Huo Lun, Fighting Fan, Gakgung, Hook Sword, Kama, Katar, Knuckle Duster, Kusarigama, Mikazuki, Monkey's Fist, Nunchaku, Pantograph Gauntlet, Sai, Sansetsukon, Shuriken, Tekko-Kagi, Temple Sword, Tonfa, Tri-Bladed Katar, Whipstaff