Source Core Rulebook pg. 628 3.0
Alchemical items are powered by reactions of alchemical reagents. Alchemical items aren’t magical and don’t radiate a magical aura.


Abysium Powder, Acid Flask, Addiction Suppressant, Addlebrain, Alchemical Atomizer, Alchemical Fuse, Alchemist's Fire, Alcohol, Alignment Ampoule, Ambrosia of Undying Hope, Antidote, Antiplague, Applereed Mutagen, Apricot of Bestial Might, Aromatic Ammunition, Arsenic, Artevil Suspension, Aurifying Salts, Baleblood Draft, Belladonna, Bestial Mutagen, Black Adder Venom, Black Lotus Extract, Black Powder, Black Smear Poison, Blackfinger Blight, Blaze, Blight Bomb, Blightburn Resin, Blindpepper Bomb, Blindpepper Tube, Blood Sap, Bloodeye Coffee, Bloodhound Mask, Blue Dragonfly Poison, Body Recovery Kit, Bomber's Eye Elixir, Bookthief Brew, Bottled Lightning, Bottled Sunlight, Boulderhead Bock, Bravo's Brew, Brewer's Regret, Brimstone Fumes, Capsaicin Tonic, Cat's Eye Elixir, Cave Worm Repellent, Cerulean Scourge, Cheetah's Elixir, Cognitive Mutagen, Cold Comfort, Cold Iron Blanch, Comprehension Elixir, Crystal Shards, Curled Cure Gel, Cytillesh, Cytillesh Oil, Darkvision Elixir, Deathcap Powder, Demon Dust, Diluted Hype, Dragon Bile, Dragon's Blood Pudding, Drakeheart Mutagen, Dread Ampoule, Dreamtime Tea, Drowsy Sun Eye Drops, Dwarven Daisy, Eagle-Eye Elixir, Ectoplasmic Tracer, Elixir of Life, Elixir of Rejuvenation, Elven Absinthe, Energy Mutagen, Eroding Bullet, Exsanguinating Ammunition, False Death, Fire and Iceberg, Flayleaf, Focus Cathartic, Forensic Dye, Forgetful Drops, Forgetful Ink, Frenzy Oil, Frost Vial, Fungal Walk Musk, Ghost Charge, Ghost Ink, Giant Centipede Venom, Giant Scorpion Venom, Giant Wasp Venom, Glue Bullet, Gorgon's Breath, Graveroot, Green Gut, Grit, Grolna, Hemlock, Honeyscent, Hunting Spider Venom, Hype, Ichthyosis Mutagen, Impossible Cake, Infiltrator's Elixir, Isolation Draught, Juggernaut Mutagen, Junk Bomb, King's Sleep, Knockout Dram, Lady's Blessing Oil, Lastwall Soup, Leadenleg, Leaper's Elixir, Lethargy Poison, Lich Dust, Looter's Lethargy, Lovers' Ink, Mage Bane, Malleable Mixture, Malyass Root Paste, Mana-Rattler Liniment, Metalmist Sphere, Mindfog Mist, Mistform Elixir, Mnemonic Acid, Moonlit Ink, Mud Bomb, Necrotic Bomb, Nettleweed Residue, Nightmare Salt, Nightmare Vapor, Oblivion Essence, Olfactory Obfuscator, Origin Unguent, Overloaded Brain Grenade, Pernicious Spore Bomb, Peshspine Grenade, Philosopher's Stone, Plasma Hype, Popdust, Pressure Bomb, Purple Worm Venom, Pyronite, Qat, Quickmelt Slick, Quickpatch Glue, Quicksilver Mutagen, Redpitch Bomb, Red-Rib Gill Mask, Refined Pesh, Salamander Elixir, Scour, Sea Touch Elixir, Searing Suture, Self-Immolating Note, Serene Mutagen, Shadow Essence, Shiver, Silversheen, Silvertongue Mutagen, Sinew-Shock Serum, Sixfingers Elixir, Skeptic's Elixir, Skinstitch Salve, Sloughing Toxin, Slumber Wine, Smokestick, Snake Oil, Sneezing Powder, Sovereign Glue, Spear Frog Poison, Spider Root, Spiderfoot Brew, Star Grenade, Stone Body Mutagen, Stone Fist Elixir, Stupor Poison, Succubus Kiss, Sulfur Bomb, Sun Orchid Elixir, Sun Orchid Poultice, Sunrod, Swamp Lily Quilt, Tallow Bomb, Tanglefoot Bag, Tears of Death, Thunderstone, Timeless Salts, Tindertwig, Toad Tears, Toadskin Salve, Toothwort Extract, Twigjack Sack, Undead Detection Dye, Universal Solvent, Vaccine, Vermin Repellent Agent, Vestige Lenses, Vexing Vapor, Violet Venom, War Blood Mutagen, Water Bomb, Weeping Midnight, Winter Wolf Elixir, Winterstep Elixir, Wolfsbane, Wyvern Poison, Yarrow-Root Bandage, Yellow Musk Vial, Zerk


Rigged Ramen Cart, Volatile Reagents


Alchemical Golem


Alchemical Crossbow