Source Core Rulebook pg. 633 3.0
A character can wear only 10 magical items that have the invested trait. None of the magical effects of the item apply if the character hasn’t invested it, nor can it be activated, though the character still gains any normal benefits from wearing the physical item (like a hat keeping rain off their head).


Aeon Stone, Alchemist Goggles, Aluum Charm, Ancestral Embrace, Anklets of Alacrity, Archivist's Gaze, Arctic Vigor, Armbands of Athleticism, Armor of the Holy Warrior, Backfire Mantle, Barbed Vest, Barding of the Zephyr, Barding Saddle, Bellflower Toolbelt, Belt of Giant Strength, Belt of Good Health, Belt of Regeneration, Belt of the Five Kings, Berserker's Cloak, Blast Foot, Blast Suit, Blazons of Shared Power, Blessed Tattoo, Blightburn Ward, Bomber's Saddle, Boots of Bounding, Boots of Dancing, Boots of Elvenkind, Boots of Speed, Bort's Blessing, Bottomless Purse, Bracelet of Dashing, Bracers of Armor, Bracers of Missile Deflection, Breastplate of Command, Broken Tusk Pendant, Brooch of Inspiration, Brooch of Shielding, Candlecap, Cape of the Mountebank, Cape of the Open Sky, Cassock of Devotion, Cauldron of Nightmares, Celestial Armor, Channel Protection Amulet, Chaos Collar, Choker of Elocution, Circlet of Persuasion, Clandestine Cloak, Cloak of Elvenkind, Cloak of Feline Rest, Cloak of Immolation, Cloak of Repute, Cloak of the Bat, Cloak of the False Foe, Clockwork Cloak, Clockwork Helm, Collar of Empathy, Collar of Inconspicuousness, Collar of the Eternal Bond, Communication Pendants, Compass of Transpositional Awareness, Containment Contraption, Conundrum Spectacles, Cordelia's Construct Key, Corpseward Pendant, Coyote Cloak, Crafter's Eyepiece, Crown of Insight, Crown of the Companion, Crown of the Fire Eater, Crown of the Kobold King, Cryolite Eye, Curtain Call Cloak, Dancing Scarf, Daredevil Boots, Deepdread Claw, Demon Armor, Demon Mask, Detector Stone, Devil's Luck, Diadem of Intellect, Dinosaur Boots, Diplomat's Badge, Doubling Rings, Dragon Rune Bracelet, Dragonplate, Dragonscale Amulet, Dread Blindfold, Drover's Band, Druid's Vestments, Dweomerweave Robe, Earthglide Cloak, Electric Eelskin, Emberheart, Empathic Cords, Energy Robe, Enveloping Light, Envisioning Mask, Ethersight Ring, Everyneed Pack, Exploration Lens, Extraction Cauldron, Eye of Fortune, Eye of the Unseen, Eye of the Wise, Eyes of the Eagle, Familiar Tattoo, Fiendish Teleportation, Fire-Jump Ring, Fleshgem, Forgotten Shell, Fulcrum Lenses, Fungal Armor, Gearblade, Genealogy Mask, Ghastly Cauldron, Ghoul Hide, Glasses of Sociability, Gloves of Carelessness, Gloves of Storing, Goggles of Night, Golden Legion Epaulet, Golem Stylus, Gorget of the Primal Roar, Goz Mask, Grasp of Droskar, Grim Ring, Grimoire of Unknown Necessities, Gunner's Bandolier, Hag Eye, Hand of the Mage, Hand-Hewed Face, Handwraps of Mighty Blows, Harmonic Hauberk, Hat of Disguise, Hat of the Magi, Headband of Inspired Wisdom, Headbands of Translocation, Healer's Gloves, Heartstone, Hellfire Boots, Herd Mask, Horned Hand Rests, Horns of Naraga, Horseshoes of Speed, Hosteling Statuette, Hunter's Arrowhead, Hunter's Brooch, Icy Disposition, Immaculate Holsters, Impenetrable Scale, Inexplicable Apparatus, Infernal Health, Jack's Tattered Cape, Jerkin of Liberation, Key to the Stomach, Knapsack of Halflingkind, Lifting Belt, Locket of Sealed Nightmares, Lost Ember, Lover's Gloves, Lucky Draw Bandolier, Magic Armor, Mail of Luck, Mantle of the Grogrisant, Mask of Allure, Mask of Mercy, Mask of the Banshee, Mask of the Cursed Eye, Medusa Armor, Merchant's Guile, Mercurial Mantle, Messenger's Ring, Metuak's Pendant, Miogimo's Mask, Mirror of Sleeping Vigil, Mirror Robe, Miter of Communion, Moonlit Chain, Moonstone Diadem, Mudlily, Necklace of Fireballs, Necklace of Knives, Necklace of Strangulation, Nightmare Cudgel, Nosoi Charm, Numerian Steel Breastplate, Oath of the Devoted, Open Mind, Pact of Blood-Taking, Pactmaster's Grace, Pathfinder's Pouch, Pendant of the Occult, Persona Mask, Phantom Shroud, Phylactery of Faithfulness, Plate Armor of the Deep, Poisonous Cloak, Prismatic Plate, Psychic Brigandine, Psychopomp Mask, Quick Runner's Shirt, Quick Wig, Raven Band, Reflexive Tattoo, Rhino Hide, Rhinoceros Mask, Right of Retribution, Ring of Bestial Friendship, Ring of Climbing, Ring of Counterspells, Ring of Discretion, Ring of Energy Resistance, Ring of Lies, Ring of Maniacal Devices, Ring of Minor Arcana, Ring of Recalcitrant Wishes, Ring of Sneering Charity, Ring of Spell Turning, Ring of Stoneshifting, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Swimming, Ring of the Ram, Ring of the Tiger, Ring of the Weary Traveler, Ring of Torag, Ring of Truth, Ring of Wizardry, Robe of Eyes, Robe of the Archmagi, Rune of Sin, Sage's Lash, Sarkorian God-Caller Garb, Scarab Cuirass, Scroll Case of Simplicity, Secret-Keeper's Mask, Self-Emptying Pocket, Shade Hat, Shadow Signet, Shadowed Scale, the Jungle Secret, Shapespeak Mask, Shifter Prosthesis, Silent Heart, Silhouette Cloak, Skinsaw Mask, Skittering Mask, Sleeves of Storage, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Smogger, Soulspeaker, Spangled Rider's Suit, Specialist's Ring, Spectacles of Understanding, Spiritsight Ring, Staff-Storing Shield, Stag's Helm, Stalwart's Ring, Stampede Medallion, Star Chart Tattoo, Stole of Civility, Stone of Unrivaled Skill, Sun Wheel, Sure-Step Crampons, Swarmeater's Clasp, Swarmform Collar, Swiftmount Saddle, Taleteller's Ring, Talisman Cord, Tears of the Last Azlanti, Third Eye, Thoughtwhip Claw, Thousand-Blade Thesis, Thunder Helm, Titan's Grasp, Tlil Mask, Tracker's Goggles, True Name Amulet, Umbraex Eye, Umbral Wings, Unending Youth, Unmemorable Mantle, Vaultbreaker's Harness, Vengeful Arm, Venomed Tongue, Ventriloquist's Ring, Vial of the Immortal Wellspring, Victory Plate, Voyager's Pack, Walking Cauldron, Warding Tattoo, Wardrobe Stone, Warrior's Training Ring, Waverider Barding, Wayfinder, Whisper of the First Lie, Wig of Holding, Winged Boots