Source Core Rulebook pg. 632 4.0
This indicates abilities from the fighter class.


Advanced Weapon Training, Advantageous Assault, Aggressive Block, Agile Grace, Agile Shield Grip, Assisting Shot, Barreling Charge, Blind-Fight, Boundless Reprisals, Brutal Finish, Brutish Shove, Certain Strike, Combat Assessment, Combat Grab, Combat Reflexes, Cut from the Air, Dazing Blow, Dazzling Display, Debilitating Shot, Desperate Finisher, Determination, Devoted Guardian, Disarming Stance, Disarming Twist, Disorienting Opening, Disruptive Stance, Double Shot, Double Slice, Dragging Strike, Dual-Handed Assault, Dueling Dance (Fighter), Dueling Parry (Fighter), Dueling Riposte, Everstand Stance, Everstand Strike, Exacting Strike, Farabellus Flip, Fearsome Brute, Felling Strike, Flinging Shove, Furious Focus, Graceful Poise, Guardian's Deflection (Fighter), Guiding Finish, Guiding Riposte, Impassable Wall Stance, Impossible Volley, Improved Dueling Riposte, Improved Knockdown, Improved Reflexive Shield, Improved Twin Riposte (Fighter), Incredible Aim, Incredible Ricochet, Intimidating Strike, Inured to Alchemy, Knight's Retaliation, Knock Sense, Knockdown, Lunge, Lunging Stance, Mirror Shield, Mobile Shot Stance, Multishot Stance, Overpowering Charge, Overwhelming Blow, Pain Tolerance, Paragon's Guard, Parting Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Positioning Assault, Power Attack, Powerful Shove, Quick Reversal, Quick Shield Block, Reactive Shield, Rebounding Toss, Reflecting Riposte, Reflexive Shield, Resounding Bravery, Revealing Stab, Ricochet Stance (Fighter), Savage Critical, Sever Space, Shatter Defenses, Shield Wall, Shield Warden, Shielded Stride, Smash from the Air, Snagging Strike, Spring Attack, Stance Savant (Fighter), Sudden Charge, Sudden Leap, Swipe, Triple Shot, Twin Parry, Twin Riposte, Twinned Defense (Fighter), Two-Weapon Flurry, Ultimate Flexibility, United Assault, Weapon Supremacy, Whirlwind Strike