Source Core Rulebook pg. 635 3.0
This indicates abilities from the rogue class.


Debilitating Strike, Master Strike


Ambushing Knockdown, Analyze Weakness, Anticipate Ambush, Battle Assessment, Blank Slate, Blind-Fight, Bloody Debilitations, Brutal Beating, Bullseye, Clever Gambit, Cloud Step, Cognitive Loophole, Coordinated Distraction, Critical Debilitations, Deadly Poison Weapon, Defensive Roll, Delay Trap, Deny Support, Dispelling Slice, Distracting Feint, Dread Striker, Eldritch Debilitations, Enduring Debilitation, Extradimensional Stash, Fane's Fourberie, Fantastic Leap, Far Throw, Felling Shot, Gang Up, Head Stomp, Hidden Paragon, Implausible Infiltration, Implausible Purchase (Rogue), Impossible Striker, Improved Poison Weapon, Inspired Stratagem, Instant Opening, Leave an Opening, Light Step, Loaner Spell, Magical Trickster, Methodical Debilitations, Minor Magic, Mobility, Mug, Nimble Dodge, Nimble Roll, Opportune Backstab, Overextending Feint, Perfect Distraction, Plant Evidence, Poison Weapon, Powerful Sneak, Precise Debilitation, Predictable!, Predictive Purchase (Rogue), Preparation, Quick Draw, Reactive Distraction, Reactive Interference, Reactive Pursuit, Reconstruct the Scene, Ricochet Feint, Ricochet Stance (Rogue), Sabotage, Scout's Warning, Sense the Unseen, Shove Down, Sidestep, Skirmish Strike, Slice and Swipe, Sly Striker, Sneak Savant, Spring from the Shadows, Stay Down!, Steal Essence, Steal Spell, Stella's Stab and Snag, Strong Arm, Subtle Shank, Swift Elusion, Tactical Debilitations, Tactical Entry, The Harder They Fall, Trap Finder, Trickster's Ace, Tumble Behind (Rogue), Twin Distraction, Twin Feint, Twist the Knife, Unbalancing Blow, Underhanded Assault, Vicious Debilitations, Watch Your Back, You're Next