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Religion (Wis)

Source Core Rulebook pg. 250 4.0
The secrets of deities, dogma, faith, and the realms of divine creatures both sublime and sinister are open to you. You also understand how magic works, though your training imparts a religious slant to that knowledge. Even if you’re untrained in Religion, you can use it to Recall Knowledge.
  • Recall Knowledge about divine agents, the finer points of theology, obscure myths regarding a faith, and creatures of religious significance (like celestials, fiends, and undead), the Outer Sphere, and the Positive and Negative Energy Planes.

Religion Trained Actions

Item Bonuses for Religion - Common Items
Staff of Providence+16StavesNoReligion checks to Recall Knowledge
Cloister Robe (Lesser)+19Other Worn ItemsNo
Staff of Providence (Greater)+110StavesNoReligion checks to Recall Knowledge
Staff of Providence (Major)+114StavesNoReligion checks to Recall Knowledge
Staff of Providence (True)+120StavesNoReligion checks to Recall Knowledge
Serene Mutagen (Lesser)+11Alchemical ElixirsYes
Phylactery of Faithfulness+29Other Worn ItemsNo
Cassock of Devotion+211Other Worn ItemsNo
Ki-Channeling Beads+211Other Worn ItemsNo
Oracular Crown+211Other Worn ItemsNo
Eidolon Cape+211Other Worn ItemsNosummoner with divine eidolon only
Cloister Robe (Greater)+215Other Worn ItemsNo
Serene Mutagen (Moderate)+23Alchemical ElixirsYes
Phylactery of Faithfulness (Greater)+317Other Worn ItemsNo
Sage's Lash+318Other Worn ItemsNo
Possibility Tome+318Held ItemsNochecks to Recall Knowledge
Serene Mutagen (Greater)+311Alchemical ElixirsYes
Serene Mutagen (Major)+417Alchemical ElixirsYes
Item Bonuses for Religion - Uncommon/Rare/Unique Items
Portable Altar+13Adventuring GearNoReligion checks to conduct religious rites
Sun Wheel+15Other Worn ItemsNo
Moonstone Diadem+18Other Worn ItemsNo
Miter of Communion+210Other Worn ItemsNo
Corruption Cassock+211Cursed ItemsNoReligion checks
Aeon Stone (Orange Prism)+216Other Worn ItemsNo
The Silent Hag+220The Deck of DestinyNoReligion checks to Recall Knowledge (+3 at 17th level)
The Eclipse+220The Deck of DestinyNobonus increases to +3 at 17th level.

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