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Knights of Lastwall

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Release Date 5/25/2022
Product Line Lost Omens

Armor [1]

Armored Coat

Backgrounds [8]

Once Bitten, Ozem Experience, Pillar, Reclaimed, Reclaimed Investigator, Relentless Dedication, Sentinel Reflectance, Tyrant Witness

Deities [10]

Arqueros, Falayna, Gendowyn, Gravelady's Guard, Keepers of the Hearth, Kols, Ragathiel, Sorrow's Sword, Suyuddha, The Endless Road

Equipment [32]

Anointing Oil, Anointing Oil (Greater), Armor of the Holy Warrior, Banner of the Restful, Barding Saddle, Busine of Divine Reinforcement, Called (Weapon Rune), Camp Shroud, Camp Shroud (Greater), Camp Shroud (Lesser), Camp Shroud (Major), Camp Shroud (Minor), Camp Shroud (Moderate), Campaign Stable, Detector Stone, Ghost Oil, Guardian Shield, Hollowed Hilt, Knight Captain's Lance, Knight's Maintenance Kit, Knight's Standard, Knight's Tabard, Parade Armor, Portable Altar, Shining Shield, Swiftmount Saddle, Throwing Shield, Traveler's Cloak, Undead Compendium, Undead Scourge, War Saddle, Whistle of Calling

Feats [67]

Agile Shield Grip, Always Ready, Angel of Vindication, Ashen Veil, Bless Shield, Chemical Purification, Consecrate Spell, Corpse-Killer's Defiance, Crimson Oath Devotion, Detonating Spell, Devoted Guardian, Divine Emissary, Divine Healing, Drive Back, Eclipsed Vitality, Emissary of Peace, Empyreal Aura, Familiar Foe, Final Rest, Flashing Shield, For Love, For Lightning, Ghost Wrangler, Grave Sight, Gravelands Herbalist, Guarded Advance, Hilt Hammer, Holy Light, Inspiring Resilience, Instant Armor, Instinctual Interception, Interrupt Charge, Keep up the Good Fight, Knight's Retaliation, Knock Sense, Lead the Way, Miraculous Intervention, Necromantic Bulwark, Necromantic Deflection, No Stranger to Death, Nonlethal Takedown, Phalanx Formation, Practiced Opposition, Prayer-Touched Weapon, Preventative Treatment, Purifying Breeze, Push Back the Dead!, Reclaimant Plea, Reliable Squire, Repulse the Wicken, Resilient Mind, Resolute Defender, Retaliatory Cleansing, Sacred Armaments, Shared Sight, Shepherd of Desolation, Shield Wall, Staggering Fire, Stalwart Standard, The Tyrant Falls!, Thwart Evil, Tower Shield Mastery, United Assault, Vigilant Benediction, Viking Vindicator, Voice Cold as Death, Wave the Flag, Withstand Death

Rules [1]

Divine Combinations

Spells [20]

Buffeting Winds, Consecrate Flesh, Dancing Shield, Desperate Repair, Detect Creator, Dividing Trench, Empathic Link, Enhance Senses, Erase Trail, For Love, For Lightning, Forced Mercy, Life Pact, Lock Item, Martyr's Intervention, Purifying Icicle, Radiant Beam, Scouring Pulse, Sign of Conviction, Synchronize Steps, Wall of Virtue

Weapons [2]

Bladed Gauntlet, War Lance