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PFS StandardAlseta (The Welcomer) [LN]

Source Gods & Magic pg. 53 2.0
Alseta holds sway over transitions. Physical transitions through doorways and portals or over thresholds, metaphorical transitions, and even the forward flow of time—Alseta influences them all. She watches over city gates, helping keep invaders out and defenders safe. She also watches over those moving into a new stage in life, whether that means a birthday, a marriage, or a more fitting body. It is common for anyone entering into a life change, such as moving to a new town or changing careers, to look to Alseta for guidance. Likewise, birth and death are both transitions, and expectant mothers and the bereaved both offer her prayers, linking Alseta’s church to that of Pharasma. Some consider Alseta to be the goddess of teleportation, though she does not officially claim that title. She is also a popular god among some elven nations and cultures, who frequently associate Alseta with the aiudara, or elf gates, around Golarion.

Category Other Gods
Edicts offer to protect passageways and guide others through transitions, treat all other beings with courtesy and respect
Anathema destroy a door or block a path for personal gain, stop a transition without good reason
Areas of Concern doors, portals, thresholds, traditions
Follower Alignments LG, LN, N
Pantheons Elven Pantheon, The Offering Plate, Urban Prosperity

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Intelligence or Charisma
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Diplomacy
Favored Weapon dagger
Domains change, magic, protection, time
Cleric Spells 1st: anticipate peril, 2nd: knock, 4th: dimension door

Divine Intercession

The Welcomer is a patient goddess that rewards her followers. Incurring her wrath through discourtesy, lack of respect or intentionally making doors unpassable for any reason other than preventing harm can lead to reprimands that range from annoying to frustrating.
Source Gods & Magic - Web Supplement pg. 3

Minor Boon: Alseta’s guiding hand aids your journeys. Once, when employing teleportation magic, you appear exactly on target, even if you used a notoriously imprecise spell like plane shift. Alseta typically grants this boon for extremely consequential magical travel, especially when time is of the essence.
Moderate Boon: New doors open themselves for you. You can cast knock once per day as a divine innate spell.
Major Boon: You transition unimpeded through the world. You can open any door or portal simply by placing your palm upon it with a single Interact action, even if it’s locked or magically sealed, and you can enter any open door or threshold, even if it’s magically warded to prevent entry. This doesn’t overcome the locks and magic of artifacts, deities, and similarly powerful effects.

Minor Curse: Doors jam and locks stick when you try to open them. It takes 3 Interact actions for you to open even an unlocked door, and each attempt to Pick a Lock takes you 2 rounds instead of 2 actions.
Moderate Curse: Crossing thresholds becomes daunting. Whenever you move through a portal, gateway, or door, you gain the sickened 2 condition. Magical travel is even more exhausting; after traveling via teleportation, plane shift, or the like, you also gain the fatigued condition until you get a full night’s rest.
Major Curse: Transportation magic no longer works for you. You cannot be transported by any magical means, nor can you transport, conjure, or summon others. Even extradimensional spaces like bags of holding are inaccessible and unusable to you, as using them requires magical transportation to the extradimensional space.