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PFS StandardSchool of Protean Form

Source Player Core pg. 200
The uninitiated often think of wizards as cerebral, focused on their studies more than the body, yet your school of magic taught of the relationship between the two. Your magic, whether learned at a storied institution like Kintargo's Alabaster Academy or someplace more sinister, like the Fleshforges of Nex, focuses on the ways that living matter can be convinced into another shape for a time, allowing you to polymorph a seed into a vine, a human into a beast, or a harmless germ into a deadly toxin.

cantrips: tangle vine
1st: gouging claw, jump, pest form, spider sting
2nd: enlarge, humanoid form
3rd: feet to fins, vampiric feast
4th: mountain resilience, vapor form
5th: elemental form, toxic cloud
6th: cursed metamorphosis, petrify
7th: duplicate foe, fiery body
8th: desiccate, monstrosity form
9th: metamorphosis

School Spells
initial: scramble body
advanced: shifting form