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PFS StandardWeapon Innovation

Legacy Content

Source Guns & Gears pg. 17
Your innovation is an impossible-looking weapon augmented by numerous unusual mechanisms. It begins with the same statistics as a level 0 common simple or martial weapon of your choice, or another level 0 simple or martial weapon to which you have access. You can instead use the statistics of a 1st-level common simple or martial weapon of your choice, or another 1st-level simple or martial weapon to which you have access, but you must pay the monetary Price for the weapon. An innovation weapon can have fundamental and property runes added to it in the same way as an ordinary weapon. Because of the unique features of your innovation, everyone except you is untrained in it, even if they would normally be trained (or better) in simple or martial weapons. If you use the Overdrive action, you can choose to change the additional damage from Overdrive to fire damage.

Choose one initial weapon modification to apply to your innovation, either from the following or from other initial weapon modifications to which you have access. These modifications grant additional weapon traits, sometimes with extra abilities. A modification might give your weapon the versatile trait with a damage type that the weapon could already deal, either from its base damage type or from an existing versatile trait. In that case, if you select that modification, you can instead choose to give the weapon the versatile trait for a different damage type: bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing.
  • Blunt Shot (Ranged Only): Your weapon innovation can file the edges off your ammunition and adjust the blunt force of the shot to deliver a bludgeoning attack when necessary, as well as to avoid striking a lethal blow with an otherwise deadly shot. Your innovation gains the nonlethal and versatile B traits. You can choose whether to apply the nonlethal trait on each attack with your innovation.
  • Complex Simplicity (Simple Weapon Only): Increase your innovation's weapon damage die by one step (d4 to d6, d6 to d8, d8 to d10, d10 to d12). In addition, it gains one of the following traits of your choice: versatile B, versatile P, or versatile S.
  • Dynamic Weighting (One-handed Melee Weapon Only; Can't Have the Agile, Attached, or Free-hand Trait): Your weapon's modified weight distribution can increase power in exchange for taking more hands to wield. Your innovation gains the two-hand trait, with a damage die one size higher than the weapon's normal weapon damage die size (for instance, a longsword would gain the two-hand d10 trait). Your innovation also gains the versatile B trait.
  • Entangling Form (Melee Only): You've altered your weapon to including tangling wires or straps, or to have a flexible construction. Your innovation gains the grapple and trip traits.
  • Hampering Spikes (Melee Only): You've added long, snagging spikes to your weapon, which you can use to impede your foes' movement. Your innovation gains the hampering and versatile P traits.
  • Hefty Composition (Melee Only): Blunt surfaces and sturdy construction make your weapon hefty and mace-like. Your innovation gains the shove and versatile B traits.
  • Modular Head: You've constructed a multi-purpose, adjustable striking surface for your weapon, or you've made special ammunition you can swiftly alter. Your innovation gains the modular trait for bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing. When you Interact to use the modular trait, you can also choose to give the weapon the nonlethal trait if it doesn't currently have it, or to remove that trait if it's currently nonlethal.
  • Pacification Tools (Melee Only): Softer materials make your weapon suited to knock out instead of kill, and special protrusions let you catch weapons and disarm your foes. Your innovation gains the disarm and nonlethal traits. You can choose whether to apply the nonlethal trait on each attack with your innovation.
  • Razor Prongs (Melee Only): You can knock down and slash your foes with sharp, curved blades added to your weapon. Your innovation gains the trip and versatile S traits.
  • Segmented Frame: Hinges, clamps, and telescoping parts make your innovation collapsible and adjustable. It gains the modular trait for bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing. You can Interact to collapse the item down to light Bulk or to return it to your normal form. When it's collapsed to light Bulk, it has the concealable trait, which grants you a +2 circumstance bonus to Stealth checks and DCs to hide or conceal the weapon.

Breakthrough Modifications7th

  • Advanced Rangefinder (Ranged Only): A carefully tuned scope or targeting device makes your weapon especially good at hitting weak points. Your innovation gains the backstabber trait and increases its range increment by 10 feet.
  • Aerodynamic Construction (Melee Only): You carefully engineer the shape of your weapon to maintain its momentum in attacks against successive targets. Your innovation gains the sweep trait and the versatile S trait.
  • Inconspicuous Appearance (Melee Only): Your innovation is built for easy concealment and surprise attacks. It gains the backstabber and versatile P traits. If the weapon has light Bulk, it also gains the concealable trait.
  • Integrated Gauntlet (One-Handed Weapon Only; Can't Have the Two-Hand Trait or the Fatal Aim Trait): Combining your weapon with a gauntlet, you make it so you can quickly switch between attacking with your weapon and tinkering using your hands. Your innovation gains the free-hand trait.
  • Manifold Alloy: You've devised several alloys that contain useful properties of various metals, and you replace a number of parts of your weapon or its ammunition with pieces from these alloys. Your weapon innovation is cold iron and silver. This means you deal more damage to a variety of supernatural creatures, such as demons, devils, and fey.
  • Rope Shot (Ranged Only): Your weapon can shoot projectiles that split into simple ropes or nets around your foes' legs to trip your targets, and you can climb using the grappling hooks built into the weapon. Your weapon innovation gains the climbing and ranged trip traits.
  • Tangle Line (Thrown Only): Your weapon has an extensible line that you can use to knock your enemies over and quickly recall the weapon back to your hand. Your innovation gains the ranged trip trait and the tethered trait.

Revolutionary Modifications15th

  • Attack Refiner: Your weapon makes minute recalibrations after every missed attack to ensure the next lands true. Your innovation gains the backswing and shove traits.
  • Deadly Strike: Through precise calculation, you've found the perfect way for your weapon to deal damage on a well-placed strike. Your innovation gains the deadly d8 trait. If your innovation was already deadly, increase the die by up to two die sizes (d6 to d10, d8 to d12), to a maximum of deadly d12.
  • Enhanced Damage: You've made your innovation more powerful than other weapons of its kind. Increase your innovation's weapon damage die by one step (d4 to d6, d6 to d8, d8 to d10, d10 to d12). As normal, you can't increase your die by more than one size, so this modification isn't cumulative with complex simplicity.
  • Extensible Weapon (Melee only): You've found a way to construct your weapon so that it can extend while leaving its balance unchanged. Your innovation gains the reach trait. If the weapon already had the reach trait, it increases your reach by an additional 10 feet, instead of the usual additional 5 feet.
  • Impossible Alloy: Other inventors claim it's not even technically possible, but you've managed to create several metal alloys that seem to work for only you. These alloys can damage opponents vulnerable to any one of the seven skymetals. Your innovation is treated as all seven skymetals (abysium, adamantine, djezet, inubrix, noqual, orichalcum, and siccatite). This means you deal more damage to a variety of creatures, though you don't apply any of the other special effects for weapons made of those skymetals.
  • Momentum Retainer (Melee only): A special weighted device lets your weapon retain more of its momentum when you attack. Your innovation gains the forceful and versatile B traits.
  • Omnirange Stabilizers (Ranged only): You've modified your innovation to be dangerous and effective at any range. If your innovation had the volley trait, remove the volley trait. Otherwise, increase your innovation's range increment by 50 feet or an amount equal to the weapon's base range increment, whichever is more.
  • Rune Capacity: Whether you've dabbled with orichalcum or found another engineering solution, you've built your innovation in such a way that it can hold an additional property rune. Your innovation can have one more property rune than a normal item of its kind (to a maximum of four property runes with a +3 potency weapon).