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There is a Legacy version here.


Source Monster Core pg. 274
Psychopomps are guardians and shepherds of the dead in the Boneyard, the vast plane of graves where mortal souls are judged and sent on to their eternal rewards or damnations. Psychopomps ensure that the dead come to terms with their transition from mortality and are properly sorted into the appropriate afterlife. They also protect souls from being preyed upon by supernatural predators. Nearly all psychopomps wear masks, especially when they're likely to be interacting with mortals, although the types of masks they wear are as varied as the psychopomps themselves. The courts of the Boneyard preside in Requian, a somber yet melodic language spoken slowly with various tonal shifts.

Many psychopomps are intimately involved with the Boneyard's massive bureaucracy. Few pursue mercy, justice, or personal gain; their duties to Pharasma and her Boneyard are supreme. Nevertheless, individual psychopomps interpret their duties in different ways, which might put them in conflict with mortals or even with each other.


Morrigna (Creature 15), Nosoi (Creature 1), Vanth (Creature 7), Yamaraj (Creature 20)