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Chapter 8: Playing the Game

The Pathfinder Baseline

Source Player Core pg. 397
Your group will likely talk about what types of content you want in your game before your campaign begins. The following is a set of basic assumptions that works for many groups. The GM can find more guidance in GM Core.
  • Bloodshed, injuries, and even dismemberment might be described. However, excessive descriptions of gore and cruelty should be avoided.
  • Romantic and sexual relationships can happen in the game, but players should avoid being overly suggestive. Sex happens “off-screen.” One player character attempting to initiate a relationship with another should generally be avoided.
  • Avoid excessively gross or scatological descriptions.
Player characters shouldn't perform the following acts:
  • Torture
  • Rape, nonconsensual sexual contact, or sexual threats
  • Harm to children, including sexual abuse
  • Owning slaves or profiting from slavery
  • Reprehensible uses of mind-control magic

Villains might engage in such acts “off-screen,” but many groups choose to not have villains engage in these activities.