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Chapter 8: Playing the Game / Movement / Terrain

Difficult Terrain

Source Player Core pg. 423
Difficult terrain is any terrain that impedes your movement, ranging from particularly rough or unstable surfaces to thick ground cover and countless other impediments. Moving into a square of difficult terrain (or moving 5 feet into or within an area of difficult terrain, if you're not using a grid) costs an extra 5 feet of movement. Moving into a square of greater difficult terrain instead costs 10 additional feet of movement. This additional cost is not increased further when moving diagonally. You can't Step into difficult terrain.

Movement you make while jumping ignores the terrain you're jumping over. Some abilities (such as flight or being incorporeal) allow you to avoid the movement reduction from some types of difficult terrain.

Ignore Difficult Terrain

Source Player Core pg. 423
Certain abilities let you ignore difficult terrain. If you can ignore difficult terrain, you can also move through greater difficult terrain at the extra movement cost difficult terrain normally imposes. An ability doesn’t let you entirely ignore greater difficult terrain unless the ability specifies otherwise.