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Maneuver in Flight [one-action]

Source Core Rulebook pg. 240 4.0
Requirements You have a fly Speed.
You try a difficult maneuver while flying. Attempt an Acrobatics check. The GM determines what maneuvers are possible, but they rarely allow you to move farther than your fly Speed.

Success You succeed at the maneuver.
Failure Your maneuver fails. The GM chooses if you simply can’t move or if some other detrimental effect happens. The outcome should be appropriate for the maneuver you attempted (for instance, being blown off course if you were trying to fly against a strong wind).
Critical Failure As failure, but the consequence is more dire.

Sample Maneuver in Flight Tasks

Trained steep ascent or descent
Expert fly against the wind, hover midair
Master reverse direction
Legendary fly through gale force winds