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Source Core Rulebook pg. 631 3.0
Dragons are reptilian creatures, often winged or with the power of flight. Most are able to use a breath weapon and are immune to sleep and paralysis.




Adult Black Dragon, Adult Blue Dragon, Adult Brass Dragon, Adult Brine Dragon, Adult Bronze Dragon, Adult Cloud Dragon, Adult Copper Dragon, Adult Crystal Dragon, Adult Forest Dragon, Adult Gold Dragon, Adult Green Dragon, Adult Magma Dragon, Adult Red Dragon, Adult Sea Dragon, Adult Silver Dragon, Adult Sky Dragon, Adult Sovereign Dragon, Adult Umbral Dragon, Adult Underworld Dragon, Adult White Dragon, Ancient Black Dragon, Ancient Blue Dragon, Ancient Brass Dragon, Ancient Brine Dragon, Ancient Bronze Dragon, Ancient Cloud Dragon, Ancient Copper Dragon, Ancient Crystal Dragon, Ancient Forest Dragon, Ancient Gold Dragon, Ancient Green Dragon, Ancient Magma Dragon, Ancient Red Dragon, Ancient Sea Dragon, Ancient Silver Dragon, Ancient Sky Dragon, Ancient Sovereign Dragon, Ancient Umbral Dragon, Ancient Underworld Dragon, Ancient White Dragon, Bida, Cairn Linnorm, Crag Linnorm, Desert Drake, Dracolisk, Dragon Turtle, Elder Wyrmwraith, Faerie Dragon, Fafnheir, Fjord Linnorm, Flame Drake, Frost Drake, Grauladon, House Drake, Ice Linnorm, I'iko Dragon, Jabberwock, Jungle Drake, Kongamato, Mutant Desert Drake, Najra Lizard, Peluda, Prairie Drake, Ravener, Ravener Husk, River Drake, Sea Drake, Shadow Drake, Shoal Linnorm, Taiga Linnorm, Tarn Linnorm, Tatzlwyrm, Tor Linnorm, Wyrmwraith, Wyvern, Young Black Dragon, Young Blue Dragon, Young Brass Dragon, Young Brine Dragon, Young Bronze Dragon, Young Cloud Dragon, Young Copper Dragon, Young Crystal Dragon, Young Forest Dragon, Young Gold Dragon, Young Green Dragon, Young Linnorm, Young Magma Dragon, Young Red Dragon, Young Sea Dragon, Young Silver Dragon, Young Sky Dragon, Young Sovereign Dragon, Young Umbral Dragon, Young Underworld Dragon, Young White Dragon, Zombie Dragon, Zomok