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Clandestine Business

Downtime Leadership 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 526
You know there are criminals in your kingdom, and they know you know. You encourage them to send kickbacks in the form of resources and Commodities to the government, but the common citizens will be more than upset if they find out! This starts as a basic check against your Control DC, but every subsequent Kingdom turn you pursue Clandestine Business, the DC increases by 2. Every Kingdom turn that passes without Clandestine Business reduces the DC by 1 (until you reach your Control DC).

Critical Success Immediately roll 2 Resource Dice. Gain RP equal to the result. In addition, you gain 1d4 Luxury Commodities. The public is none the wiser.
Success Either immediately roll 2 Resource Dice and gain RP equal to the result, or gain 1d4 Luxury Commodities. Regardless of your choice, rumors spread about where the government is getting these “gifts.” Increase Unrest by 1.
Failure Immediately roll 1 Resource Die and gain RP equal to the result. Rumors are backed up with eyewitness accounts. Increase Unrest by 1 and Corruption by 1.
Critical Failure You gain nothing from the Clandestine Business but angry citizens. Increase Unrest by 1d6, Corruption by 2, and one other Ruin of your choice by 1.