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Send Diplomatic Envoy

Downtime Leadership 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 528
You send emissaries to another group to foster positive relations and communication. The DC of this check is the group's Negotiation DC (see the sidebar on page 519). Attempts to Send a Diplomatic Envoy to a nation with which your kingdom is at war take a –4 circumstance penalty to the check and have the result worsened one degree. At the GM's option, some wars might be so heated that this activity has no chance of success.
Critical Success Your envoys are received quite warmly and make a good first impression. You establish diplomatic relations with the group (see page 534 for more information) and gain a +2 circumstance bonus to all checks made with that group until the next Kingdom turn.
Success You establish diplomatic relations.
Failure Your envoys are received, but the target organization isn't ready to engage in diplomatic relations. If you attempt to Send a Diplomatic Envoy to the group next Kingdom turn, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to that check.
Critical Failure Disaster! Your envoy fails to reach their destination, is turned back at the border, or is taken prisoner or executed, at the GM's discretion. The repercussions on your kingdom's morale and reputation are significant. Choose one of the following results: gain 1d4 Unrest, add 1 to a Ruin of your choice, or immediately roll 2 Resource Dice and spend RP equal to the result. In any event, you cannot attempt to Send a Diplomatic Envoy to this same target for the next 3 Kingdom turns.The first time your kingdom succeeds at establishing diplomatic relations in the campaign, gain 60 kingdom XP as a milestone award (page 538).