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Chapter 3: Subsystems / Infiltration / Building an Infiltration / Obstacles

Obstacles in Play

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 161
On a character’s turn, the character describes what they do to get past the obstacle. They then attempt any required check (or perform the required action, if their choice doesn’t require a check). The result of the check determines how many Infiltration Points the character gains toward overcoming that obstacle—or whether they instead raise suspicions and accrue Awareness Points!
Critical Success The PC gains 2 Infiltration Points.
Success The PC gains 1 Infiltration Point.
Failure The PCs accrue 1 Awareness Point.
Critical Failure The PCs accrue 2 Awareness Points. If the character’s actions automatically help without requiring a check, like using a spell, they usually gain 1 IP, but you can award 2 for particularly helpful actions.

Sometimes a PC might become stuck on an individual obstacle. Some opportunities (page 162) allow PCs to spend their turn helping others overcome a tricky obstacle.