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Source Book of the Dead pg. 73
A vampiric creature consumes the blood of the living for sustenance. It might also possess the compulsions and revulsions of a specific vampire bloodline.
  • Add the undead and vampire traits.
  • Add the Necril language.
  • Decrease the creature's HP based on its level.
  • Add the following immunities: death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, sleep.
  • Add resistance to physical damage, with a value based on the creature's level. Choose one type of material that bypasses this resistance: cold iron (vetalarana), silver (moroi), or wood (jiang-shi or nosferatu).
  • Add a fangs Strike. It deals damage equal to the creature's lowest melee Strike and can be used to Feed. If the creature already has a jaws or fangs Strike, just add the Feed ability.
  • Add the following abilities.
    Negative Healing
    Feed [one-action] (divine, necromancy) Requirements The vampiric creature's most recent action was a successful jaws Strike that dealt damage; Effect The vampiric creature drains blood from its victim, dealing minimum jaws damage and regaining HP based on its level.

Vampire Adjustment

LevelHP DecreaseResistance/Feed HP