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PFS LimitedDragon Turtle ArtilleryItem 10

Legacy Content

Uncommon Evocation Magical 
Source Pathfinder #199: To Bloom Below the Web pg. 76
Price 1,000 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 3
One end of this heavy cylinder of steel has been forged in the likeness of a dragon turtle's head, the mouth gaping wide. Grips at the opposite end allow one to hold and aim this heavy cannon-like barrel with both hands. As long as you're carrying dragon turtle artillery while you're on a boat or ship, the DC for any effect to capsize that vehicle increases by 4.

Activate [two-actions] command, Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect A 50-foot cone of steam blasts from the mouth of the cannon, dealing 10d6 fire damage to creatures in its area of effect (DC 27 basic Reflex save). This blast ignores the fire resistance normally granted to creatures by being underwater.