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Occultism (Int)

Source Core Rulebook pg. 249 4.0
You know a great deal about ancient philosophies, esoteric lore, obscure mysticism, and supernatural creatures. Even if you’re untrained in Occultism, you can use it to Recall Knowledge.
  • Recall Knowledge about ancient mysteries; obscure philosophies; creatures of occult significance (like aberrations, spirits, and oozes); and the Positive Energy, Negative Energy, Shadow, Astral, and Ethereal Planes.

Occultism Trained Actions

Item Bonuses for Occultism - Common Items
Pendant of the Occult+13Other Worn ItemsNo
Cognitive Mutagen (Lesser)+11Alchemical ElixirsYes
Pendant of the Occult (Greater)+29Other Worn ItemsNo
Mask of Uncanny Breath+211Other Worn ItemsNo
Mind's Light Circlet+211Other Worn ItemsNo
Eidolon Cape+211Other Worn ItemsNosummoner with occult eidolon only
Cognitive Mutagen (Moderate)+23Alchemical ElixirsYes
Archivist's Gaze+318Other Worn ItemsNo
Possibility Tome+318Held ItemsNochecks to Recall Knowledge
Cognitive Mutagen (Greater)+311Alchemical ElixirsYes
Cognitive Mutagen (Major)+417Alchemical ElixirsYes
Item Bonuses for Occultism - Uncommon/Rare/Unique Items
Silent Heart+15TattoosNo
Starless Scope+29Held ItemsNoOccultism checks made to Identify Magic
Unfathomable Stargazer+215Cursed ItemsNoUsing Occultism instead of Perception or Astronomy Lore when observing the skies with this item
Aeon Stone (Orange Prism)+216Other Worn ItemsNo
The Silent Hag+220The Deck of DestinyNoOccultism checks to Recall Knowledge (+3 at 17th level)
Whisperer of Souls+428ArtifactsNoOccultism check to Decipher Writing, Identify Magic, Learn a Spell, or Recall Knowledge

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