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Battering RamItem 5

Legacy Content

Uncommon Large Portable 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 74
Price 160 gp
Usage portable, held in 12 hands
Crew 6; Proficiency martial
Simple but powerful, a battering ram is a full tree stripped of limbs with one end clad in iron, often shaped like a ram's head. Large handles are affixed to the sides so it can be hefted and carried by a crew.
Ram [two-actions] Requirements The other members of the crew have Readied to Stride on your order; Effect You and the crew Stride, with a maximum distance equal to the slowest crew member's Speed, then make a melee Strike with the ram against a structure or an unattended, stationary object. The damage of this Strike is 5d8 + the highest Strength modifier among members of the crew.