Source Core Rulebook pg. 632 4.0
Effects with the fire trait deal fire damage or either conjure or manipulate fire. Those that manipulate fire have no effect in an area without fire. Creatures with this trait consist primarily of fire or have a magical connection to that element. Planes with this trait are composed of flames that continually burn with no fuel source. Fire planes are extremely hostile to non-fire creatures.




Alchemical Fuse, Alchemist's Fire, Alchemist's Flamethrower, Blast Lance, Bottled Sunlight, Burning Badger Guts Snare, Dwarven Daisy, Electrocable, Ember Dust, Explosive Ammunition, Fire Box, Fire-Jump Ring, Flame Drake Snare, Flame Tongue, Flaming, Flaming Star, Four-Ways Dogslicer, Fulminating Spear, Golden Blade of Mzali, Hellfire Boots, Hyldarf's Fang, Immolation Clan Pistol, Meteor Shot, Moonlit Spellgun, Noisemaker Snare, Overloaded Brain Grenade, Pact-Bound Pistol, Phoenix Cinder, Phoenix Flask, Pipe of Dancing Smoke, Primordial Flame, Pyronite, Radiant Lance, Redpitch Bomb, Remorhaz Armor, Searing Suture, Self-Immolating Note, Skull Bomb, Smoking Sword, Solar Shellflower, South Wind's Scorch Song, Spark Dancer, Sparking Spellgun, Sparkler, Star Grenade, Tallow Bomb, Tindertwig, Wand of Dazzling Rays, Wand of Rolling Flames, Wand of Smoldering Fireballs, Wayfinder


Blazing Aura, Blazing Talon Surge, Burning Spell, Charred Remains, Dormant Eruption, Explosive Death Drop, Explosive Leap, Fiery Retort, Flame Jump, Radiant Burst, Rain of Embers Stance, Scorching Disarm, Searing Restoration, Spark Fist, Stoked Flame Stance

Focus Spells

Cleansing Flames, Combustion, Entropic Wheel, Fire Ray, Flaming Fusillade, Hellfire Plume, Incendiary Ashes, Incendiary Aura, Moonbeam, Redistribute Potential, Rejuvenating Flames, Shroud of Flame, Spray of Stars, Sun Blade, Sun's Fury, Unblinking Flame Aura, Unblinking Flame Emblem, Unblinking Flame Ignition, Whirling Flames, Wildfire


Dahak's Skull, Explosive Barrels, Fireball Rune, Floating Flamethrower, Forest Fire, Mogaru's Breath, Oil Explosion, Sacred Geyser, Stage Fire, Town Hall Fire, Vision of Dahak

Item Curses


Monk Unarmed Attacks

Fire Talon


Adult Brass Dragon, Adult Gold Dragon, Adult Magma Dragon, Adult Red Dragon, Adult Underworld Dragon, Agradaemon, Ancient Brass Dragon, Ancient Gold Dragon, Ancient Magma Dragon, Ancient Red Dragon, Ancient Underworld Dragon, Azer, Bul-Gae, Cinder Rat, Combusted, Crag Linnorm, Crimson Worm, Cuetzmonquali , Dalos, Dragonscarred Dead, Eberark, Efreeti, Elananx, Elemental Inferno, Ember Fox, Filth Fire, Fire Giant, Fire Mephit, Fire Wisp, Fire Yai, Firewyrm, Flame Drake, Forge-Spurned, Hell Hound, Jyoti, Kirin, Lerritan, Living Wildfire, Magma Scorpion, Marrmora, Nessian Warhound, Peluda, Peri, Phoenix, Ravener, Salamander, Sanzuwu, Shadern Immolator, Steam Mephit, Striding Fire, Sulfur Zombie, Thoqqua, Thrasfyr, Tor Linnorm, Xotani, Xotanispawn, Young Brass Dragon, Young Gold Dragon, Young Magma Dragon, Young Red Dragon, Young Underworld Dragon


Plane of Fire


Ash Cloud, Blazing Blade, Blazing Dive, Blazing Fissure, Boil Blood, Breath of Drought, Burning Blossoms, Burning Hands, Cataclysm, Elemental Annihilation Wave, Elemental Confluence, Fiery Body, Final Sacrifice, Fire Seeds, Fire Shield, Fireball, Flame Strike, Flame Vortex, Flame Wisp, Flaming Sphere, Geyser, Heat Metal, Ignite Fireworks, Incendiary Fog, Linnorm Sting, Mantle of the Magma Heart, Meteor Swarm, Produce Flame, Pyrotechnics, Scorching Blast, Scorching Ray, Searing Light, Sunburst, Volcanic Eruption, Wall of Fire