Source Core Rulebook pg. 632 4.0
A type of feat that any character can select, regardless of ancestry and class, as long as they meet the prerequisites. You can select a feat with this trait when your class grants a general feat.


A Home in Every Port, Acrobatic Performer, Additional Circus Trick, Additional Lore, Adopted Ancestry, Advanced First Aid, Aerobatics Mastery, Alchemical Crafting, All of the Animal, Ambush Tactics, Ancestral Paragon, Arcane Sense, Armor Assist, Armor Proficiency, Armored Stealth, Assurance, Assured Identification, Aura Sight, Automatic Knowledge, Automatic Writing, Axuma's Awakening, Axuma's Vigor, Backup Disguise, Bargain Hunter, Battle Cry, Battle Medicine, Battle Planner, Battle Prayer, Biographical Eye, Bizarre Magic, Bless Tonic, Bless Toxin, Bon Mot, Bonded Animal, Breath Control, Canny Acumen, Caravan Leader, Cat Fall, Charlatan, Charming Liar, Chromotherapy, Civil Service, Cloud Jump, Combat Climber, Concealing Legerdemain, Confabulator, Connections, Consult the Spirits, Continual Recovery, Contract Negotiator, Cooperative Crafting, Cooperative Leadership, Courtly Graces, Craft Anything, Crafter's Appraisal, Criminal Connections, Crush Dissent, Crystal Healing, Deceptive Worship, Diehard, Different Worlds, Discreet Inquiry, Distracting Performance, Disturbing Knowledge, Divine Guidance, Doublespeak, Dubious Knowledge, Efficient Explorer, Encouraging Words, Endure Anarchy, Entourage, Environmental Grace, Evangelize, Exhort the Faithful, Expeditious Search, Experienced Professional, Experienced Smuggler, Experienced Tracker, Express Rider, Eye for Numbers, Eye of the Arclords, Eyes of the City, Fame and Fortune, Fane's Escape, Fascinating Performance, Fast Recovery, Feather Step, Fleeing Diversion, Fleet, Foil Senses, Folk Dowsing, Forager, Forensic Acumen, Fortified Fiefs, Free and Fair, Glad-Hand, Glean Contents, Godless Healing, Group Coercion, Group Impression, Half-Truths, Hefty Hauler, Hireling Manager, Hobnobber, Impeccable Crafting, Impressive Performance, Improvise Tool, Improvised Repair, Incredible Initiative, Incredible Investiture, Incredible Scout, Influence Nature, Inoculation, Insider Trading, Inspiring Entertainment, Intimidating Glare, Intimidating Prowess, Inventor, Juggle, Keen Follower, Kingdom Assurance, Kip Up, Kreighton's Cognitive Crossover, Lasting Coercion, Lead Climber, Legendary Codebreaker, Legendary Guide, Legendary Linguist, Legendary Medic, Legendary Negotiation, Legendary Performer, Legendary Professional, Legendary Sneak, Legendary Survivalist, Legendary Tattoo Artist, Legendary Thief, Lengthy Diversion, Lie to Me, Liquidate Resources, Magical Crafting, Magical Shorthand, Master of Apprentice, Medical Researcher, Morphic Manipulation, Mortal Healing, Muddle Through, Multilingual, Natural Medicine, Nimble Crawl, No Cause for Alarm, Numb to Death, Oddity Identification, Paragon Battle Medicine, Pick up the Pace, Pickpocket, Pilgrim's Token, Planar Survival, Powerful Leap, Practical Magic, Predict Weather, Prescient Consumable, Prescient Planner, Pull Together, Quality of Life, Quick Climb, Quick Coercion, Quick Contacts, Quick Disguise, Quick Identification, Quick Jump, Quick Recognition, Quick Recovery, Quick Repair, Quick Setup, Quick Squeeze, Quick Swim, Quick Unlock, Quiet Allies, Rapid Affixture, Rapid Mantel, Ravening's Desperation, Read Lips, Read Psychometric Resonance, Recognize Spell, Reveal Machinations, Reveal True Name, Ride, Risky Surgery, Robust Recovery, Rolling Landing, Root Magic, Sacred Defense, Sanctify Water, Say that Again!, Scare to Death, Schooled in Secrets, Seasoned, Secret Speech, Shadow Mark, Shameless Request, Shield Block, Sign Language, Skeptic's Defense, Skill Training, Skill Training (Kingdom), Skitter, Slippery Prey, Slippery Secrets, Snare Crafting, Sow Rumor, Specialty Crafting, Spirit Speaker, Steady Balance, Steel Your Resolve, Stitch Flesh, Streetwise, Student of the Canon, Subtle Theft, Supertaster, Survey Wildlife, Swift Sneak, Tame Animal, Tattoo Artist, Terrain Expertise, Terrain Stalker, Terrified Retreat, Terrifying Resistance, That's Not Natural!, Thorough Search, Titan Wrestler, Too Angry to Die, Toughness, Train Animal, Trick Magic Item, Triumphant Boast, True Perception, Tumbling Theft, Tweak Appearances, Underground Network, Underwater Marauder, Unified Theory, Unmistakable Lore, Untrained Improvisation, Vicious Critique, Virtuosic Performer, Wall Jump, Ward Medic, Wary Disarmament, Water Sprint, Weapon Proficiency, Whats That up Your Sleeve?, Wilderness Spotter