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Source Pathfinder #164: Hands of the Devil pg. 82
The wicked, alien neothelids impregnate themselves through ritualistic magic to produce wormlike servitor creatures called seugathis. These creatures spawn with a strong psychic drive to complete some task on behalf of the neothelids' far-reaching plans. These directives are diverse, strange, and usually cruel toward humanoid life.


Seugathi Reality Warper (Creature 9), Seugathi Servant (Creature 6)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Seugathi Obsessions

Because of their singlemindedness, seugathis often come across as eerily obsessive. These obsessions can include corralling 100 deros into a cave, collecting skulls of a certain shape, or even more unusual tasks that either have no apparent result or are harmful to the seugathi themself. A seugathi that completes their mission nearly always finds another to replace it buried in its psyche, creating a centuries-long chain of inscrutable—and sometimes even contradictory—commands.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Unusual Equipment

Most seugathi carry a magic wand— either one gifted by their neothelid master to serve a particular end or simply one they've discovered to be particularly useful. A wand of 2nd-level magic missile is common, but specific equipment is as varied as the seugathis' inexplicable missions. A seugathi might instead carry alchemical equipment, a strange tool, or another magic item. One is just as likely to have a traveler's anytool as a jar full of eerie, unstable explosives.