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PFS StandardThisamet (The Blithe Spirit)

Legacy Content

Source Firebrands pg. 67
The Blithe Spirit, Thisamet, exemplifies the warmth of celebration. In her merriment, she takes many forms and adjusts each to match the event. Often, she appears as a middle-aged woman with laugh lines worn deep in her face. She delights in attending events without fanfare, walking amongst mortal celebrants and immersing herself in the crowd. It's only as she leaves that the other celebrants notice the sheen of divinity remaining.

Category Other Gods
Edicts celebrate freely, share prosperity, invite all to your table
Anathema ruin a holiday, quarrel at a feast, ignore workers when celebrating
Areas of Concern celebrations, feasts, and holidays

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Constitution or Charisma
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Society
Favored Weapon shortsword
Domains cities, delirium, indulgence, wealth
Alternate Domains family, fire
Cleric Spells 1st: color spray, 3rd: enthrall, 5th: cloak of colors