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PFS StandardCollar of InconspicuousnessItem 8

Companion Invested Primal Transmutation 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 604 4.0
Price 475 gp
Usage worn collar; Bulk 1
This leather collar’s worn and almost threadbare look belies its magical nature. When your companion wears and invests the collar, it gains the ability to change its appearance from that of a ferocious animal into a more inconspicuous form.

Activate [one-action] envision ; Effect You touch your animal companion to transform it into a nonthreatening Tiny creature of the same family or a similar creature (for instance, a house cat instead of a tiger, or a puppy instead of a wolf). This has the effects of pest form (2nd level, or 4th level if your companion can fly). The effect lasts until you Dismiss it.