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Gears, Guns, or Both

Source Guns & Gears pg. 5
Guns & Gears is presented as three smaller but interconnected “books” bundled inside a single cover. The Gears “book” is split into two chapters: Gears Characters and Gears Equipment. The first chapter features the inventor class and automaton ancestry, along with several archetypes that support innovation as a theme. The second chapter presents an array of gadgets and vehicles that embrace themes of inventiveness. This chapter includes rules for clockwork and steam-tech mechanisms as well as other more esoteric forms of technology.

The Guns “book” has also been separated into two chapters: Guns Characters and Guns Equipment. The first section presents the gunslinger class along with an array of archetypes that support exciting combat styles built around firearms and crossbows. The second chapter offers a wide array of new firearms, from classic black powder weapons like the flintlock musket and arquebus to more fantastic options like versatile combination weapons or magical beast guns. Support for firearms and crossbows goes beyond just new weapons and includes other exciting accessories for customizing your weapon of choice, like bayonets and reinforced stocks to attach a melee option to your guns, magical scopes to improve your visual prowess, magical bandoliers and holsters, and even replacement barrels and firing mechanisms to change your weapon's parameters.

The final “book,” The Rotating Gear, offers a standalone gazetteer describing different areas of Golarion where black powder, clockworks, and other forms of technology are likely to be found. This chapter isn't limited to just the Inner Sea. It explores continents like Arcadia, Casmaron, and Tian Xia, describing the technological traditions of those regions and how they've influenced the growth and proliferation of technology across the entire planet.